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10 modern office designs that will inspire you to work harder. 

Modern workplace culture and office design go hand in hand. When workers feel at home at their workspace, creativity, collaboration, and productivity flourish. The conventional cubicle maze design is disappearing as more businesses move toward remote and hybrid work, making way for multipurpose common areas, a focus on incorporating natural elements, using wall space, and more.

The most effective office layout is the one that works best for your business. Finding trends that strike a balance between fads that come and go and timeless design can be complicated. We - the Sparkling and Beyond team - are here to help with a list of the top 10 modern office interior ideas below. 

1. Smart office

There has been a change in the workplace toward using smart technology more frequently. In order to better understand how to use spaces and make appropriate adjustments, intelligent offices are built with booking capabilities, and sensors that monitor air quality, natural light levels, and space utilization.. We believe this is just the beginning, and with the development of digital technology, organizations will be able to harness even more data to enhance workspaces and embrace a more significant usage of intelligent technology.

Therefore, one of the most incredible modern office ideas is building a smart workspace that combines digitally-enabled services and solutions to enhance employee experience and efficiency, realize cost and energy savings, and add value to the building.

Smart office uses technology frequently (Source: Internet)
Smart office uses technology frequently (Source: Internet)

2. Add artwork in workspace

Displaying art at the workplace can improve employees physical well-being, performance, and even their mood. It can also strengthen relationships between coworkers and customers. Over the past ten years, dozens of research studies have been carried out in the US and Europe. They have revealed a wide range of ways, from the conscious to the subconscious, that thoughtfully chosen art can enhance employee satisfaction and success as well as help a business convey the right message to visitors.

Because our brains retain recollections of memorable environmental elements, art can serve as a marker to aid travelers in recalling their previous locations. It can be helpful when giving directions as well.

In addition, a non-verbal means of conveying essential brand messages among the many alternatives for addressing branding and business culture in the workplace is through art. For instance, a company that exhibits unconventional artwork may be perceived as using non-traditional business practices or marketing non-traditional products. 

Artwork in workspace (Source: Internet)

3. Designating Space with Colors

Mood and behavior can be influenced by colors. Your company's branding likely takes that into account. Now, carefully consider how color and pattern will affect the interior design of your office. Think deliberately about how you want your office interior design to create emotion and affect mood. Color may alter hunger, inspire trust, evoke calmness (or the opposite).

A color's impact can be altered by adding patterns. Is a striking geometric pattern or a bright color more suited to represent your business? Does a more conventional design suit your taste, such as a stripe or herringbone? Perhaps your business wishes to invoke past technology or futuristic technology? When used properly, color and pattern are able to do that.

Fantastic color accents will be provided by the furniture you select. The appropriate furniture may give your color scheme subtle and not overpowering touches. Emotion is currently the main focus of contemporary accent color design. What feelings will be evoked by cold, gray tones? When painting and furnishing workplaces, consider which colors would motivate your staff and visitors the most. You can then add a few easy finishing touches with furniture.

 Color may alter hunger, inspire trust, evoke calmness (or the opposite (Source: Internet)
 Color may alter hunger, inspire trust, evoke calmness (or the opposite (Source: Internet)

4. Flexible Office Spaces

Another top-tier modern office idea is an adaptable office environment. A flexible modern workplace enables communication while also fostering a more relaxed environment. Because they can move around and collaborate with anybody they need to, they are able to complete jobs more quickly as a result.

The dynamic spaces trend began to expand by introducing people to the idea of multi-functional workspaces. Instead of spending all day at their desks or cubicles, employees can work in different parts of the workplace thanks to flexible office layouts. These areas featured, among other things, step-style seating, movable green partitions, indoor-outdoor access via garage doors, and television and video equipment.

A completely new generation of mobile, adaptable, lightweight, and ergonomic components that can be moved to meet any space and purpose are included in flexible spaces. As work environments continue to move toward being more human-centric, collaborative, and dynamic spaces with innovation, this trend is well on its way to being the new standard.

Mobile, adaptable work environment (Source: Internet)
Mobile, adaptable work environment (Source: Internet)

5. Bring Nature in with Biophilic Design 

The biophilic design was once considered to be primarily concerned with plants, but next year will see a sharper focus on multisensory biophilic design.  Natural light, sounds, and scents from the natural world will be included to improve people’s well-being and mental health. 

Biophilic design is evolving into something more than a temporary trend; it is a scientifically proven philosophy of our fundamental bond with nature and its components. 90% of modern humans' time is spent indoors, which has led to a call for a closer relationship with nature.

The main goal of this modern office idea is to establish harmony between nature and your daily routine. A workplace that is thoughtfully planned for biophilic design may expand with the company and avoid unnecessary and expensive changes that lead to additional waste. 

The best practices for biophilic design not only emphasize conserving energy and natural resources, but also on enhancing the comfort, experience, productivity, and quality of life of those who work in the spaces.

Nature in biophilic design (Source: Internet)
Nature in biophilic design (Source: Internet)

6. Nature-Inspired Elements 

In addition to natural light and sound, including other natural components in your office interior design will make your staff feel more connected to the world outside their window. 

  • Add some green: Planting flowers, succulents, container gardens, and living walls will enhance the air quality, lift your team's spirits, and inspire innovation. Greenery complements any decor style and can be as simple as a tiny flower garden or living wall.
  • Natural materials: Not just plants, choose natural materials for walls, flooring and furniture and decorative elements. You can even adapt wood and stone to any office interior decorating style, which can provide interior spaces depth and a more natural appearance.
  • Let the water flow: Water features can strengthen the impact of other natural components. Consider combining a water wall and a living wall for a green element that serves as the focal point of your office's interior design. A simple water element can lift spirits, reduce stress, and create a relaxing atmosphere on its own.
Nature-inspired elements can calm employees (Source: Internet) 
Nature-inspired elements can calm employees (Source: Internet) 

7. Sustainable Office Design 

Recently, we are constantly becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, and this has spread to commercial workplaces as well. Companies are making great efforts to make their offices more sustainable daily, influencing their purchasing choices. 

As sustainable habits have become more widely adopted, they have started to inform business practices with companies aiming to achieve carbon net zero and ensure their office space is environmentally friendly. Employers are looking for things for their workplace that are ecologically friendly, will last longer, and that their workforce will be proud of, rather than continuously buying low-priced and low-quality goods.

For example, when it comes to light, this means using energy-saving bulbs with good quality lights that will be long-lasting. Employers are keen to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible and we are seeing big increases in customers opting for custom-made lighting pieces made from sustainable materials.

Sustainable design can positively affect employees: it helps improve productivity and job satisfaction, increase their physical health and reduce the employee turnover ratio as well. 

Sustainable design can positively affect employees (Source: Internet)
Sustainable design can positively affect employees (Source: Internet)

8. Rec rooms and lounge spaces 

A space for employees to relax is just as important as their workspace. All around the world, numerous companies are taking steps to boost employee morale through break rooms and lounge spaces. It is because they know that it can help improve productivity and creativity. 

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of having a recharge room is that it helps avoid job burnout. Companies are aware that they need to shell out money to keep their best employees. However, hiring new people costs more. It is why it makes sense to do everything within means to ensure satisfaction exists within the workplace. One way is to provide breaks with a break room equipped with different sources of entertainment.

Kitchens, lounges and game rooms are great for employees to unwind. Leisure areas, such as those with ping pong tables and beer on tap, greatly enhance the culture of the workplace. A recreation area can be created so workers can work away from their desks. Lounges featuring cozy couches, bean bag chairs, or other seating options are excellent for fostering teamwork.

A breakroom can boost workers’ productivity (Source: Internet)
A breakroom can boost workers’ productivity (Source: Internet)

9. Noise Reduction Technology

While office space evolves for a mobile workforce's changing needs and companies, continue to embrace open-plan office design, recognizing the requirement for office acoustics is becoming increasingly critical.

Regarding workplace noise, technology has changed the working setting. We no longer have to put up with the mechanical typewriter choruses, dial-up modem drills, or deafening fax machine beeps.

However, we are still plagued by the beeps, alarms, and pings of our mobile phones and email notifications, as well as the common human ailments of coughing, sniffling, and sneezing.

For facilities managers, understanding the basic structure of open office acoustics and the way the office environment's physical elements impact sound transmission is an important step in implementing good acoustics and mitigating noise pollution. The ceiling, the walls, the floor and the sound masking system all contribute to the acoustic quality of a room.

Few modern office buildings are as effortlessly cool as the industrial-style, airy ones. However, they are not flawless: they frequently echo. Fortunately, there are various options available in interior design, such as suspending acoustic panels from the ceiling. Installing ornamental sound-absorbing panels in a contemporary office wall design is another choice. Area rugs and a lot of plush furnishings are also helpful.

Noise-reducing panels in office (Source: Internet)
Noise-reducing panels in office (Source: Internet)

10. Transparency & Creative Dividers 

When it comes to the need to separate rooms or groups for various reasons, portable partitioning and glass office partition solutions are key. 

Nowadays, glass-walled rooms are increasingly replacing closed-off sections formerly. Even contemporary executive office architecture now favors an open aesthetic. This innovative interior design technique makes everyone feel connected while in separate locations. For some solitude, choose sound-absorbing glass.

Portable walls are another creative option for offices that want to keep an open concept vibe. These dividers are quick and simple to set up and take down as needed. You may quickly prepare for confidential meetings by combining them with soundproof paneling!

Transparency & Creative Dividers keep an open concept vibe (Source: Internet)
Transparency & Creative Dividers keep an open concept vibe (Source: Internet)

In short, it’s important for companies to have modern office ideas that are suitable for their company's culture due to the fact that a worker spends almost half of the day in their office; to make it interesting and worthwhile, offices need to look cool, easy to unwind and not like a jail. Modern office design is merging health, science, psychology, and aesthetics to give workers the homey, flexible workspaces they’re calling for.

Need help with your modern office space?

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