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10 office organization ideas That Will Inspire Productivity in 2022

1. Hide the Wires

In many work organization ideas, this one has to be on top. With all the monitors, computer towers, mice, laptops, phones and charges that beautify the typical office desk, the number of wires can quickly get out of your hand.

Reducing clutter helps you a lot to reduce stress, hiding all these messy wires is really necessary. If your desk doesn’t have a space to hide them, you can use binder clips to group them together and get them out of sight. 

Once your desk is tidy and those messy wires are safely stowed away, you’ll be inspired to get to work more effectively and seize the day. 

Hide the wires is necessary (Source: Internet)
Hide the wires is necessary (Source: Internet)

2. Label Everything

Your label marker is a good idea if you want to stay organized.

Using simple things like labeling cabinets will save more time and frustration for you. On the other hand, it will definitely limit the number of interruptions you get during the day. 

People will stop asking you where the printer paper is a million times a day when you stick a “PRINTER PAPER” label on the right cabinet or drawer. 

But don’t just stop at your desk, your computer files need to sort by projects and archive too. 

Labeling cabinet will save more time (Source: Internet)
Labeling cabinet will save more time (Source: Internet)

3.  DIY Cord Labels

Most people have been working on an important project when their monitor suddenly goes black. And you do.

In this case, you'll panic and think that you might have broken your computer and lost this job forever. Then you realize it was just unplugged.

With a glimmer hope, you crawl under your desk to discover what could be the best description as a cable jungle.

To avoid this suck time, making DIY cord labels is a good suggestion for office organization.

The tip is using colored tape to distinguish your monitor from your neighbor’s space heater.

Using colored tape to DIY cord labels (Source: Internet)
Using colored tape to DIY cord labels (Source: Internet)

4. Use A “Daily Docket” Style Notepad

Do you think a to-do list is too boring? Don’t hesitate to try a “daily docket” style pad. 

The super-simple, intuitive layout of the daily pocket notepad helps you a lot to visualize your entire day in one fell swoop, while separating your errands, tasks, meetings and notes. 

For a funny and creative gift, you can even make a custom page for your coworkers. Make sure it includes the things that they always manage to forget, like their Facebook password. 

Using daily docket instead of a to-do list (Source: Internet)
Using daily docket instead of a to-do list (Source: Internet)

5. Use Wall Space to Your Advantage

In case your position is near a wall or tall cubicle, don’t just waste that blank space. You should use it to free up precious real estate on your desk by storing mail, office supplies, or electronics on the wall. 

However, if you don’t have to create your own hanging office supply board, get together with your team and ask them to put together a shared collection. It not only makes you and your team get to know more about each other, but you can also bond over your office supply. 

Hanging office supply board to boost productivity (Source: Internet)
Hanging office supply board to boost productivity (Source: Internet)

6. Create a DIY Mail Station Using Old Books

You will take your productivity to the next level without the mail cluttering your desk. Maybe a few old hardcover books, some paint and decorative fabric are all it takes to create a mail solution that looks amazing. 

Try to inspire your team to take charge of their mail with your new folders and impress your boss by this simple organization desk tip . Don’t just wait, but do those fun office organization ideas right away. 

Using old books to DIY mail station (Source: Internet)

7. Use an Old Box as a Monitor Stand

Do you receive a constant stream of packages every single day? Then why don’t you take full advantage of them? The leftovers boxes can take up a lot of space and be hard to get rid of. 

You can find a cool looking box and use it as a quick and easy monitor stand. It will take the strain off of your neck and serve as a cool shelf for your favorite office organization. 

Using leftover boxes as monitor stand (Source: Internet)
Using leftover boxes as monitor stand (Source: Internet)

8. Organize Your Inbox

Sometimes, a messy inbox can leave you feeling overwhelmed . 

If you use Gmail, switch your inbox to Priority mode, unsubscribe instead of deleting newsletter emails that don’t provide any value and create files for certain types of emails.

Switch your inbox to priority mode (Source: Internet)

9. Declutter

You have to admit that organizing stuff takes a lot of time. But this is the first step you have to do before searching for any organization office ideas on the internet.

Let’s start any organizing initiative by decluttering everything you are going to organize. This will keep you from wasting too much time on organizing things that you’re not going to use. It also makes sure your final organization scheme will be as useful as possible. 

And don’t forget to pay particular attention to duplicate items and items with duplicate functions. For example, you have 3 pens, 3 traditional pens and maybe some colorful gel pens, just select 1 or 2 writing implements and donate the rest. 

You might also make a deal with your coworkers to organize a monthly GoodWill donation run. If you truly can’t part with any items, you can put them in a box and store that box in an out of the way location.

Decluttering everything you are planning to organize (Source: Internet)
Decluttering everything you are planning to organize (Source: Internet)

10. Create your perfect storage unit

Everything you regularly use in the office needs a home when not in use. Whether you’re storing files or office supplies, storage units can be invaluable to your organization and efficiency. Because they have multiple compartments and can hold a large capacity. 

But storage units don’t have to be boring. Be creative by making them come in style! You can use some stickers, repaint them with your favorite color. 

Everything needs a home when not in use (Source: Internet)
Everything needs a home when not in use (Source: Internet)

Staying organized in the office is really necessary to boost productivity and work effectively. This is your sign to take a look at your office desk and make a change for it. We believe that those great ideas will help you a lot to reorganize your office.

If you find those tips are useful, share this post to your friends. But if you’re still stuck with your messy office and feel hard to find new inspiration to work, OfficeHelps has more helpful tips for you to have a great office organization. Visit our website to discover!

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