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10 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Messy Office in 2022

In many offices, as your workload increases, your workspace becomes more crowded and less conducive to productivity. Therefore, every team needs a method to keep things orderly and structured in order to sustain efficiency. This may seem like a straightforward activity, but when we spend all day at our desks, it's simple to grow accustomed to and even immune to the clutter. Luckily, today Sparkly and Beyond will show you some useful tips to declutter your messy office.

The importance of declutter your office

Why should you declutter your office?

Every working day you have to deal with a large amount of work, and your workspace has a big impact on how well you do your job and your energy on that day. Therefore, daily workplace cleaning is the top important mission since it provides the following advantages: 

  • A clean office increases your productivity.
  • A clean office encourages you to work more energetically.
  • A clean office makes a good impression on your clients and customers.

For the above reasons, today Sparkly and beyond came up with some useful tips and tricks to help you declutter your office and improve your working efficiency.

1. Keep what you need and get rid of anything extra

An orderly workspace should come first when organizing a desk. Sometimes it is better to get rid of everything and then gradually add things back as you need them, rather than having to make individual decisions about what to keep and what to throw away. Items in a work area that haven't been touched in months are not uncommon, but it doesn't mean they have to stay there. Don't let them occupy space that could be used for more productive purposes.

Start by removing anything from your office that belongs elsewhere. Spend time searching your surfaces, drawers, and cabinets for items that belong elsewhere. By that you can make your workspace less messy and increase your working productivity.

Keep what you need and get rid of anything extra

2. Consider buying storage options

If you find yourself storing stuff all over the place, you probably need more storage. Purchase some filing cabinets, drawers, and organizers before moving on, so you have somewhere to put everything that is currently strewn about. For example, storing documents in desk trays or filing drawers, buying a pen holder to store pens, pencils, and markers, and medium-sized containers to keep other office supplies like paper clips and staples. Your desk will become cleaner and more organized when everything is kept in the right place.

Consider buying storage options

3. Make your notes and documents digital

Paper-based items including paperwork, business cards, sticky notes, meeting minutes, and more are one of the reasons why your office is messy. The issue is that most of these documents are not something you look at on a regular basis but take up the most space on your desk. 

Digitize your documents by making electronic copies of them by scanning or typing them instead of keeping them around in case you need them someday. By that you can save a lot of space on your desk and make your workspace become more organized.

Make your notes and documents digital

4. Select a place and create labels

You can organize your possessions with the aid of labels. Decide which locations you'll use for storage, and create labels to specify each place. They help you keep track of what you own and where it is kept so that you will no longer have to wonder where anything is. For example, you can label your documents into different topics so that you can find them easier while working, or label the markers based on their colors. When you put all of them in the right place, then your office will become cleaner and more organized.

Label your documents

5. Make piles of your separated items

Sort your belongings into heaps for things you need to keep, things you don't want anymore, and things you need to use. Sorting the items you must keep, selling or giving away the items you want, and dealing with the items, you must deal with later are all options. The most crucial thing is ensuring they are correctly categorized and sorted. By that you can make your workspace less messy and create a positive working environment.

Make piles of your separate items

6. Put old documents in storage

You can store anything old that you still need. Even if you don't use it frequently, there are some documents, such as signed contracts or leases. Since you won't use these items frequently, they don't need to be in your office. Instead, package them up and store them in your attic or garage, your desk will have more space for other essential items.

Puts old documents in storage

7. Make sure you clean and sanitary your working place

In an unorganized office, you don't want to store your belongings! It's the ideal time to dust, sweep, and generally clean your surfaces now that everything has been taken out of the office and organized. Instead of piles of random paperwork, you'll feel better in the presence of fresh air. 

To make your office less messy, regularly wipe off your desk to maintain it organized. Do not let trash or unclean dishes pile up. Keep your desk spotless so you can work efficiently there.

Make sure you clean and sanitary your working place

8. Put everything back where it belongs

Once you've determined your problem locations, you can start the process of carefully placing everything back where it belongs. As you proceed, ensure that everything is paired with the appropriate folders or boxes and that it is all put back in a tidy, organized, and accessible manner. Before looking elsewhere, check the item's original location if you can't remember where you put it.

Put everything back where it belongs

9. Take one section at a time

A large task can appear to be too much to handle all at once. Divide your office into "parts" and finish each section separately. Even better, you don't even have to complete it all at once; you can organize your desk area one day and your file cabinets the next. Just be sure to finish everything in a reasonable amount of time; otherwise, only one area of your office will get organized at a time.

Take one section at a time

10. Keep your desk tidy by cleaning every day

Ongoing clutter accumulates. You may need to create some new habits in the future in order to maintain it. Make sure to tidy up at the end of each day and always put items away after using them. If you have trouble keeping things organized, consider adding extra storage alternatives rather than attempting to use an unsuitable tool. If you notice things growing out of control, it's time to plan another decluttering!

Keep your desk tidy by cleaning everyday

With 10 tips Office Helps show you above, now you can easily make your office less messy and create a clean workspace as well as a positive environment to work in. You will be able to enjoy your workplace more than ever if you follow these steps.

It does not have to take much time to organize your workspace now with the help of Sparkly and Beyond. Check out our website for more tips for decluttering your office.

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