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10 Tips to Keep Your Workplace Clean and Sanitary Today

Maintaining a clean, welcoming workplace is one of the greatest ways to keep your employees healthy and energetic; however, it can be challenging to know how to keep your office clean beyond simply tidying up. That is why OfficeHelps is here today to help you with all the best tips and tricks on how to keep your office clean and sanitary.

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Why is it important to keep your workplace clean and sanitary?

Each company has their own ways to increase the productivity of employees as well as make a good impression on their customers. But most of them will believe and agree that a clean and sanitary office is the most important goal, this is because:

  • A sanitary office can stop pests from damaging the furniture and the surrounding environment.
  • A clean office can also prevent your staff from developing allergies to things like mold or dust.
  • For those who want to make a good impression to attract clients and customers, a clean and sanitary workplace is crucial.

From the above reasons, OfficeHelps came up with 10 ways to maintain a clean and sanitary workplace to become one of the most professional companies.

The importance of keeping your office clean

1. Keeps your paperwork organized

This is the most important advice to keep your working place looking clean everyday. If your desk is messy it tells other employees and even your manager that your priorities do not align with the way the business runs. Therefore, investing in the proper storage system for your paperwork and other office supplies can reduce your stress and create a more organized and productive working environment.

To organize your documents and keep them in order, there are several storage options accessible such as desk trays and filing drawers. Dividing documents by topic is also a good way to make it faster and easier for you to find work-related documents.

Organize your paperwork to make your desk tidy

2. Keeps your shared areas clean and tidy

Most of the staff members in your company share the common areas of your office. These areas will be substantially cleaner if everyone treats them with respect. You will experience a higher level of employee happiness and, as a result, higher efficiency if you maintain your common areas tidy.

Cleaning connections which are connected to computers and other equipment, dusting at least once a week, and removing stains and dust off workstations as soon as you see them are all highly advised.

Keeps your share area clean and tidy

3. Don’t forget your garbage and recycling

Everything from that stack of papers to that old bottle cap can be recycled. It not only benefits the environment, but it also maintains a tidy and clean office environment. Therefore, we highly recommend you try to avoid leaving trash and recyclables lying around on the floor or on your desk.

Each day, try to set aside 5 minutes to remove any clutter from your desk and the area surrounding it. By doing this, you will feel considerably better. Moreover, by distributing multiple trash cans across the office, you can encourage your team members to dispose of their trash. If there aren't any adjacent trash cans, garbage can accumulate quickly.

Remove everyday trash and recycling

4. Use air fresheners

Some of the best tools for keeping an office spotless and smelling good are air fresheners. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and will aid in masking any remaining bin-related odors. Besides, during warmer months, keep your windows open as well because it will help with airflow.

Additionally, air freshener is also a useful tool to filter fine dust in the air, giving you access to a healthier breathing environment.

Air freshener keeps your office spotless

5. Don’t overlook electronics and your IT equipment

Everything you will frequently contact should be properly cleaned. Too often, we forget to clean our computers, tablets, and other electronic devices, which results in a growth in bacteria. Appliances and technological devices are infamous for attracting dust, it can quickly build up around your laptops, monitors, and other devices.

Therefore, air dusters, gentle cloths, and dusters can all be used to get rid of the dust from these surfaces. Disinfectants are quite effective in getting rid of germs from equipment like telephones, but they shouldn't be used on computer screens.  Your employees' exposure to bacteria and germs will also be reduced by lowering their number in the workplace.

Don’t overlook your IT equipments

6. Keep the floor and reception area clean and sanitary

One of the most important areas in your building is the reception area. A tidy, well-kept reception is crucial for both employees and guests, and it enhances the reputation of your business. Besides, one of the best methods to keep your office clean is to have clean floors. Even if you've cleaned and organized every surface in your office, when the floor is dirty then it will be meaningless.

Clean floors bring good energy to employees

7. Don’t eat at your working area

Eating in the office will bring unpleasant odors in. Not only this, if you leave crumbs laying around, you will run the risk of luring pests into your workplace, which can lead to a number of other issues. Additionally, it obstructs the functionality of your office area. Nobody wants to find stale, moldy food in their place of business.

Therefore, to solve this issue, you should only bring your food to the eating area or breakroom and enjoy your meals only in these places to keep your company as well as your working area clean and sanitary.

Don’t eat at your working area

8. Keep your company kitchen and break rooms tidy

The kitchen is another place where bugs are frequently spread so it is essential to sanitize these areas in addition to cleaning them. Ensure that food is thrown away as soon as you and your co-workers have completed eating. Sinks, work surfaces, and tables should also be cleaned at least once every day.

As well as the kitchen, break rooms also are used for eating, drinking, and socializing. By keeping your break rooms clean and tidy, you may prevent employees from bringing dust from the break room into the main office area.

Keeps the break rooms tidy

9. Wash your hands regularly

It is necessary to keep your hands clean, especially during a pandemic. Make sure to fully wash your hands after using the restroom and sanitize your hands frequently as well. Make sure there are full-size hand sanitizers in public areas and have portable hand sanitizers on each desk. This aids in limiting the spread of infection to both you and other people in and outside your company.

Wash your hand regularly

10. Get help if you need it

If you don't have the time to dedicate to regular cleaning, you must hire a firm to keep your office tidy. While all the above advice is crucial for anyone trying to keep their office spotless, hiring cleaning services might be the most effective strategy. This is because professional cleaners can attain a higher quality of cleanliness since they typically have access to strong cleaning tools and resources.

Using cleaning services will boost both your and other people's confidence in general. When they are aware that they work in a healthy atmosphere, employees will have more energy in your company.

A tidy workplace promotes clients, customers, and staff to be more positive and energetic. Even so, maintaining a clean workplace requires more than just picking up after yourself, and it can be difficult to know exactly how to do so.

In conclusion, among other things, you might want to think about cleaning your technology, employing a cleaning service, preventing crumbs in your office, and keeping air fresheners close by. Therefore, these tips above will provide you with an in-depth view of how to keep your workplace clean and sanitary.

Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions that we haven't yet addressed. OfficeHelps will help you to solve all your obstacles and issues.

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