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13 Life-Improving Biotech Companies In San Diego

As companies across every conceivable biotech industry scramble to find solutions to the COVID-19 crisis, it's no wonder biotechnology is on everyone's lips.  Organizations in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries may be working around the clock to find effective treatments for the novel coronavirus, but even when the dust has settled, researchers and engineers will continue to spend time transforming the lives of people with diseases and conditions to improve far less worth headlines.

Demand for biotech innovations shows no signs of slowing down, Biotech companies in San Diego are a driving force behind the growth of infrastructure and real estate leasing, the life sciences play an important role not only in the economy. San Diego has long been a hub for biotechnology testing and innovation, with UCSD alone generating more than $1 billion a year in sponsored research. What sets the city apart from Southern California, however, is its commitment to community empowerment through health technology initiatives.

Whether you want to join the race to find a coronavirus vaccine or you want to dedicate yourself to the long-term work of improving the lives of patients every day, check out how these top biotech companies are building a better world in San Diego and beyond.


Illumina is a genetic sequencing company that manufactures assays for analyzing genetic variations in clinical trials. Their technology will help advance clinical trials on disease transmission, making it easier for researchers to track the spread of pathogens, discover effective treatments, and test vaccines. Illumina assays have led to breakthroughs in many research areas, including oncology, microbiology, agronomics, and reproductive health.

Illimina (Source: Internet)
Illimina (Source: Internet)


Dexcom provides diabetes management solutions by offering continuous glucose monitoring kits that help patients maintain their condition and manage their health. The company's wearable device eliminates fingertip testing and instead relies on sensor technology to calibrate and send glucose readings to patients every five minutes. 

Dexcom (Source: Internet)
Dexcom (Source: Internet)

In addition to health monitoring products, Dexcom aims to support its customers by empowering the diabetes community through its Dexcom Warriors program, which shines a light on the achievements and daily lives of those managing diabetes.

Human Longevity

Human Longevity empowers people to live longer and healthier lives by harnessing the power of genomics to create databases of clinical data that help doctors understand the full picture of their patient's health.

Human Longevity (Source: Internet)
Human Longevity (Source: Internet)

The company's platform leverages machine learning and computational techniques to transform clinical datasets into actionable insights. This is for medical professionals to make new healthcare discoveries and extend the lives of patients of all ages.

ACON Laboratories

ACON Laboratories is a diagnostic biotechnology company that develops and manufactures medical devices for over 130 corporate healthcare companies and organizations worldwide. ACON Laboratories supports clinicians in their quest for breakthroughs in patient care and patient outcomes with a range of diabetes care, immunoassays, and clinical chemistry solutions.

ACON Laboratories (Source: Internet)
ACON Laboratories (Source: Internet)

Tandem Diabetes

Researchers and developers at Tandem Diabetes Care focus on diabetes research and treatment, especially insulin infusion therapy. They make insulin pumps and software products that work together to help people with diabetes manage their symptoms and stay in control of their insulin levels and overall health. The company also offers Basal IQ technology, which allows patients to predict insulin dips and act proactively to alleviate negative symptoms.

Tandem Diabetes (Source: Internet)


BioLegend's research team develops antibodies and reagents for use in biomedical cases with the goal of supporting optimal patient care and finding the best treatments for diseases and chronic conditions. The company's products address a wide range of biomedical research areas including neuroscience, cell biology, immunology, oncology, and epigenetics.

BioLegend (Source: Internet)
BioLegend (Source: Internet)

Bristol Meyers Squibb

Bristol Meyers Squibb is a biotechnology organization focused on prescription drug development and discovery. Founded in New York in 1858, it has research centers around the world, including San Diego. Additionally, its mission is to develop innovative medicines for better patient care.

Bristol Meyers Squibb (Source: Internet)
Bristol Meyers Squibb (Source: Internet)

The company has made progress in various fields like oncology, immunology, cardiovascular disease, and hematology. Over the years, they have provided solutions to help patients overcome serious illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. The company differentiates itself from other San Diego biotechnology companies with its mission to advance healthcare for the masses. They do this with the help of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, which organizes health education programs for diseases such as cancer.

EAG Laboratories

EAG Laboratories is one of the biggest biotech companies in San Diego which develops and markets technologies and services to life sciences, engineering, and materials companies. Their work with generic and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies covers everything from chemical imaging to regulatory compliance, helping organizations protect and optimize their products at every stage of their lifecycle. EAG Laboratories' research teams work with leading biotechnology companies to develop effective medical products and protect patents and other intellectual property.

EAG Laboratories (Source: Internet)
EAG Laboratories (Source: Internet)


Quidel is focused on developing diagnostic technologies that help providers identify and treat infections and chronic conditions at the point of care. The company's suite of immunoassays and diagnostic tests help medical professionals treat respiratory diseases, cancer, women's health issues, autoimmune diseases, and many other conditions. Headquartered in the University City area of ​​San Diego, Quidel has offices throughout the United States, as well as in China, Germany, and Ireland.

Quidel (Source: Internet)
Quidel (Source: Internet)


Biotix develops and manufactures liquid handling products for laboratories and life sciences companies worldwide. The company's line of precision tools and pipettes are designed for implementation in both robotic and manual use cases, helping scientists and researchers maintain sample integrity and achieve better test results. In addition to liquid handling products, Biotix also offers services, for instance, engineering and in-house molecular testing.

Biotix (Source: Internet)
Biotix (Source: Internet)


Based in San Diego's Alexandria Tech Center, BioDuro connects life sciences and pharmaceutical companies with outsourced manufacturing services to accelerate product development and commercialization. The company has additional international manufacturing facilities in Beijing and Shanghai and a team of researchers and engineers working with companies around the world to develop innovative products that can improve the lives of patients.

BioDuro (Source: Internet)
BioDuro (Source: Internet)

Prometheus Laboratories

Prometheus Laboratories specializes in diagnostic products and pharmaceuticals that support patient care. Her team strives to find the best new technologies to improve patient care around the world, and her products target a variety of conditions including Crohn's disease, kidney disease, arthritis, and leukemia. increase. 

Prometheus Laboratories (Source: Internet)
Prometheus Laboratories (Source: Internet)

Poseida Therapeutics seeks ways to support the health of patients with unmet medical needs by developing cell and gene therapies for the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases. Their mission is to find cures for diseases such as prostate, multiple myeloma, and other cancers, using both autologous and allogeneic gene therapies that can produce effective and beneficial outcomes for patient health. is to develop.

Lives improved by biotech companies!

After experiencing the recent Covid-19 pandemic, biotech companies have affirmed their importance and position. Moreover, biotechnology is of great importance for improving people's lives and developing innovative solutions. Biotechnology scientists and researchers aim to improve existing healthcare solutions and develop modern medicines to treat biological diseases.

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