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7 Steps: The Process of commercial cleaning services by cleaning professionals

1. Pre-inspection of the area to be cleaned

If there's a cleaning company that picks up a broom as soon as he walks into your house, it's an unprofessional company. If you work without such a plan, you will have no direction and it will be difficult to allocate resources. 

So take a moment and walk around your facility, then identify and note down areas that need a thorough clean and stains that need a deep clean.

This effort actually reduces the overall cleaning time. And the more important thing about this step that the company aims to do is maintain a standard, so that the cleaning process will take place more smoothly.

Pre-inspection makes cleaning easier (Source: Internet)

2. Dusting all surfaces

Just the usual things, right? But no, leave your old ways behind and follow this one from now on. Always go from left to right while dusting all your facilities. Don't go from one room to another, even one particle of dust can get from one room to another. Following a standard hygiene pattern can help you take your commercial cleaning services to the next level.

Dusting all surfaces
Dusting all surfaces in a new way (Source: Internet)

3. Vacuuming all carpets and furniture

There is a common misconception that your floor is the number one priority when it comes to cleaning, while other places are important to your first impression. You also need to pay attention to all your carpets and furniture as all of this can accumulate too much dust and dirt over time. If you don't repair it on a regular basis, you can damage it beyond repair and it's really expensive to replace.

Vacuuming carpets and furniture is a must
Vacuuming carpets and furniture is a must (Source: Internet)

4. Wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant cleaner (Damp wipe)

Use a damp cloth mixed with a neutral disinfectant cleaner for all surfaces. In particular, special attention should be paid to high-touch surfaces in the office including light switches, phones, doorknobs and desks. These are places where a lot of bacteria gather that you may not notice.

Choosing the right supplies and equipment can greatly improve the overall hygiene of your facility. Commercial cleaning services always know where to buy disinfectants and organic products that are 100% non-toxic.

This will help ensure your facility doesn't get a pungent odor from cleaning. Also, some of your employees may be sensitive to these chemicals and have allergies or respiratory problems. But don’t worry, organic supplies will not let it happen.

clean doorknob
Use disinfectant cleaner to wipe down all the high-touch surfaces (Source: Internet)

5. Restock items and products

After cleaning frequently touched surfaces, the next step requires some type of sanitation. Especially in the bathroom, products such as toilet paper, paper towels and soaps that help with daily cleaning need to be refilled for two purposes. One feature is that when cleaning supplies are publicly available, it helps reduce the spread of bacteria and other contagions. The second, of course, is compliance with social standards.

restock items
Items and products need to be refilled after cleaning (Source: Internet)

6. Clean or dust mop the floor level

With all shoulder and high surfaces cleaned, move to the lower areas, including the floor. This step involves using a dust or dry mop to collect floor dust in order to make the next step easier. Bulky items and obstructions must be neatly arranged to facilitate cleaning.

After sweeping all the dirt, the next thing to do is to clean the house with a mop dipped in water and detergent. Cleaning every nook and cranny may seem daunting, but don't worry, these commercial cleaning services will have their way. Then wait to dry and your facility is almost completely cleaned.

dust mop
Dust mop frequently to keep your facility spotless (Source: Internet)

7. Emptying trash cans and recycling bins

Garbage bags and liners should be cleaned up and thrown away. After that, the inside of the barrel must be cleaned thoroughly. If not cleaned properly, your living environment will be severely affected and finally, replace the barrel liner with a new bag.

emptying trash cans
Empty trash cans and recycling bins is the final step to maintain hygiene (Source: Internet)

We hope that this article has helped you know about the 7-step cleaning process that most companies use to optimize their cleaning services for your facilities. It is crucial to carry out the jobs in order, which makes the cleanup easier and more efficient, and also maintains a standard of cleaning.

If you are still wondering whether you should DIY or outsource a commercial cleaning service, you can refer to here. We provide a complete 7-step process as mentioned above and professionals who are fully equipped with the necessary tools and supplies and are always ready to blow away all the dirt in your premises.

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