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California Airports and international Airports in California

How many Airports are in California? 

There are a lot of commercial airports in California. It is one of the states in the USA with the finest air traffic coverage, with 9 large and medium hub airports and more than a dozen smaller ones. San Francisco and San Diego are the next busiest and largest airports in California, respectively, after LAX. Each year, hundreds of millions of passengers pass through these airports. Airports in California are serviced by all the major US airlines. As a result, there are many options available to travelers to California. Be sure to look at the map of California airports to understand better where each airport is. 

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List of some California Airports

Long Beach Airport - IATA Code - LGB (~ 3.5 M Passengers)

Approximately 5 kilometers to the north of Long Beach’s downtown is the commercial airport known as Long Beach Airport. The airport, also known as Daugherty Field, is dedicated to running as a “green, environment-friendly” airport. Currently, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue provide the majority of domestic routes out of public buses, while Amtrak, MetroLink, and Metro Rail System offer train routes to the airport. Taxis and airport shuttles are also available nearby.

Long Beach Airport is also known as Daugherty Field
Long Beach Airport is also known as Daugherty Field

Palm Springs International Airport - IATA Code - PSP (~ 2.5 M Passengers)

Palm Springs Airport serves residents of Coachella Valley and its surrounding area. It is located 3 km east of Palm Springs center. San Francisco and Seattle are top domestic routes and there are several low-cost airlines like JetBlue, SunCountry, and Frontier operating at the airport. A variety of transportation is available, from public Sunline Transit Agency and Amtrak lines to airport shuttles and taxis. 

Hollywood Burbank Airport - IATA Code - BUR (~ 5 M Passengers) 

Another airport in the greater LA area is Burbank Airport, which is 25 kilometers north of the city. In honor of a well-known stand-up comedian, the airport is sometimes known as Bob Hope Airport. 

Along with Los Angeles, the airport also provides service to Burbank, Pasadena, and Glendale. Passengers flying with, among others, JetBlue, JSX, and Southwest Airlines are handled by 2 terminals. Top non-stop connections are primarily to domestic cities in California. There are many options for getting to and from the airport, including shuttles, taxis, and public transportation. 

Fresno Yosemite International Airport - IATA Code - FAT (~ 1.7 Passengers) 

Fresno Yosemite Airport is an airport serving Fresno city, located about 7 km away. It is frequently utilized by visitors to the close-by Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon national parks. The leading carrier is regional airline SkyWest, followed by American Airlines. YARTS provides transportation to Yosemite, while FAX and V-line provide access to Fresco. Shuttles services, taxis, and automobile rentals are additional possibilities. 

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Los Angeles International Airport - IATA Code - LAX (~ 88 M Passengers)

The primary airport serving the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area is Los Angeles International Airport, popularly abbreviated as LAX. LAX is one of the five busiest airports in the world and the US. 

Several airlines use the airport as a hub, including American, Delta, United, and Air New Zealand, to name a few. The top domestic destinations are San Francisco, New York City, and Las Vegas, while London and Mexico City are the most popular overseas destinations. 

There are an absurd 9 passenger terminals at LAX. The distance between the airport and downtown Los Angeles is around 30 kilometers. Passengers have a variety of options for getting there, including public transportation, airport shuttle, taxis, rental cars, etc. 

Los Angeles International Airport is knowns as LAX
Los Angeles International Airport is knowns as LAX

San Diego International Airport - IATA Code - SAN (~ 25 M Passengers) 

A significant US airport, San Diego Airport, is situated 5 kilometers north of the city. With a small number of connections to Europe, Mexico, Canada, and Japan, the airport primarily handles domestic routes. It serves as a hub for multiple airlines, including Southwest, Alaska Airlines, Delta, and United, like other big US airports. 

There are two sizable terminals at the airport, also known as Lindbergh Field. San Francisco, Seattle, and San Jose are among the West Coast cities that account for the majority of domestic traffic. 

Public transportation (bus route 992, Amtrak intercity train, Commuter train), trolleys, taxis, and shuttles are all options for getting to San Diego city. Escondido and Tijuana are both relatively near to the SAN airport. 

San Francisco International Airport - IATA Code _ SFO (~ 57 M Passengers) 

One of the busiest airports in the United States and the second busiest airport in California is San Francisco International Airport. The distance between the airport and downtown San Francisco is roughly 20 kilometers. The city can be reached using a variety of transportation methods. Most prominently via shuttles, cabs, public transportation, and rental cars. SamTrans and Bay Area Rapid Transit are two types of public transportation. 

In terms of the airport, United and Alaska Airlines use it as a hub. Top domestic destinations include LA and Seattle, and top international ones include London and Hong Kong. Additionally, SFO airport has 4 enormous terminals, making it quite simple to get lost there. 

San Jose International Airport - IATA Code - SJC (~15.5 M Passengers)

In the Bay Area, San Jose Airport serves the city of the same name. Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport is the full name of the airport. The airport is located five kilometers north of downtown San Diego. 

Public buses, railroads, limos, shuttle buses, taxis, and rented cars are all options for getting there. 

There are two airside connected terminals at SJC airport. Leading domestic routes are through Los Angeles and San Diego in California, while the best international connection is through Guadalajara. The top three airlines at the airport are Southwest Airlines, Alaska, and Delta.

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