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Education System: Definition and Meaning

Education system definition

The educational system refers to the overall structure of all institutions and educational opportunities within a country. It includes all pre-school institutions, beginning with family education and/or early childhood education and progressing to kindergarten, primary, secondary, and tertiary schools, followed by lyceums, colleges, and faculties, also known as Higher education (University education). This framework also includes continuing (further) professional and personal education institutions, as well as private educational institutions.

Education system (Source: internet)
Education system (Source: internet)

What are types of education?

Education is divided into three types: 

  • Formal Education: This is also known as formal learning, and it usually takes place on school grounds. It refers to the fundamental academic knowledge that a child acquires in a formal setting.
  • Informal Education: This is the type of education in which a parent teaches a child skills other than academics, such as cooking or riding a bicycle.
  • Non-formal Education: Adult basic education, adult literacy education, or skill development are all examples. It can take various forms of learning that are provided consistently and systematically in order to develop a specific skill or ability in an individual.

Education system meaning

What is the meaning of education?

Education encompasses both the act of imparting knowledge to others and the act of receiving knowledge from others. Education also refers to the knowledge gained through schooling or instruction, as well as the teaching institution as a whole.

What are the benefits of the education system?

Improve life quality

On one hand, education turns people to a better lifestyle as students are taught a lot of subjects related to society, responsibilities, human rights, etc so that they know how to live a good life. On the other hand, education lets us understand more about threats and lets us find the solutions for those threats such as environment problems, national conflicts, natural protections, pollution, and so on. 

Education teaches people the difference between what is right and wrong, as well as exposing children and young adults to the experiences of others. Understanding what is right and wrong and having empathy reduces the likelihood of committing crimes. Education reduces overall arrests—a one-year increase in a state's average education levels reduces state-wide arrests by 11%.

Improve quality of life (Source: Internet)
Improve quality of life (Source: Internet)

Social progress

Education gives everyone a sense of empowerment; the idea that they can change their own lives and choose their own path. Women with a higher level of education have better decision-making skills and are more likely to take charge of their own lives.

John Dewey (1859 - 1952) - A famous American educational reformer (Source: Internet)

A well-educated society feels a greater sense of community unity and trust. Educated societies support the weak and foster a sense of community among all members. Gender-based violence is lower in communities with high rates of education for both genders. People who are educated are more likely to support gender equality and to work to stop and prevent gender-based or domestic violence. Terrorist attacks on girls' schools are less likely in communities that value education for both genders.

Personal development of knowledge and skills

With lessons, exercises, examinations, contests, etc, we have many chances to learn new skills to develop ourselves. Children can develop communication and social skills at a very young age. College students go through a lot of personal development. Critical thinking skills, time management, perseverance, communication skills, and presentation skills are all valuable assets not only for future work but also for personal life. College graduates advance in life not only because of the degree they earned, but also because of the experiences they had.

Personal development (Source: Internet)

Career entry and advancements

College students go through a lot of personal development. Critical thinking skills, time management, perseverance, communication skills, and presentation skills are all valuable assets not only for future work but also for personal life. College graduates advance in life not only because of the degree they earned, but also because of the experiences they had.

College degrees prepare students to enter the workforce or advance in their current careers. Higher education provides the training and skills required for success in a particular field. Furthermore, many positions necessitate a college diploma. Some employers may not even look at a resume if the applicant does not have a degree.

Some people pursue their passion in the form of a college degree, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are passionate about music and want to pursue a career in it, this is the place to be. College will provide you with a deeper and more theoretical understanding of your passion, as well as introduce you to potential career paths and mentors.

Career preparation (Source: Internet)


Who is the father of education?

Horace Mann Training. Horace Mann was born in Franklin, Massachusetts, on May 4, 1796. His father was an impoverished farmer.

Who created the exam?

According to historical records, exams were invented in the late nineteenth century by an American businessman and philanthropist named Henry Fischel.

Some sources, however, credit another man by the same name, Henry Fischel, with the invention of standardized assessments.

Which country began exams?

Ancient China was the world's first country to implement a nationwide standardized test, known as the imperial examination.

The primary goal of this examination was to identify qualified candidates for specific government positions.

Education is important

No matter how developing our society is, education plays an important role in that development. Education is essential to individuals and societies because without it, all accumulated knowledge and standards of conduct would be lost. An individual must learn the societal culture or the accepted ways of doing things. He must be socialized into the dominant culture, learning the rules of conduct and future behavior expectations.

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