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Facility Services for Schools and Universities: Janitorial, Landscaping, and Maintenance

The condition of an educational building can have a significant impact on visitor enthusiasm, professor and staff satisfaction, student’s performance, and even absenteeism. Everyone appreciates being in an environment that is both clean and fresh. Shiny floors, odor-free air, stocked restrooms, and spotless windows can significantly impact students’ productivity and client retention. Since the health and safety of students are of the utmost importance, at Officehelps, educational facilities are a significant part of our services. To satisfy the unique needs, goals, and necessary regulatory requirements of each institution, our focus is on providing a clean and safe environment for the students, employees, and visitors in each facility. OfficeHelps’ systematic approach to cleaning educational facilities makes an enormous contribution to protecting the health of your students and your staff. Each educational facility is different, and we will customize our services to fit your needs and budget.

So what are the facilities of Education we serve?

Janitorial Service

With years of experience in cleaning services, OfficeHelps provides customers with a well-trained cleaning crew as well as cutting-edge cleaning technology. We can establish a comprehensive janitorial service plan that creates a clean, safe and appropriate setting to encourage learning and minimize distractions.

By boosting the cleanliness of our customers’ facilities, OfficeHelps helps them establish their brand and promotes employee and tenant satisfaction by creating cleaner, greener workplaces.

Our well-trained, efficient, ecologically conscious staff offers a variety of services, including full-service green cleaning, recycling, and floor care programs as well as specialized industrial, cleanroom, and medical cleaning. OfficeHelps can create a unique solution for your janitorial problem no matter what it is.

We continuously chase the finest cleaning standards with personalized programs intended to match your needs, whether for daily, nightly, or one-time office cleaning services. 

Our process is simple. First, we listen carefully to fully comprehend your demands and the exact duties that must be carried out inside your business. Then, we create a custom proposal that addresses the work to be done, scheduling, staffing, tools, KPIs, procedures, and other factors critical to upholding your standards. Finally, we put the authorized program into action by hiring employees, providing them with training, and setting up thorough processes and monitoring systems. In addition to the system for daily monitoring and feedback, we meet with you every three months to examine results, get your feedback, and make any necessary adjustments to the program.

Since every facility is unique and each customer’s needs and budget are different, we do not have a standard service. We can relieve the dirty burden on your shoulder by creating custom solutions with our janitorial services. Our experience includes:

  • Options for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning services
  • Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Sanitation programs
  • Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Dusting and window washing
  • Kitchen / restroom cleaning / restocking
  • Daily carpet care
  • Office system cleaning
  • Daytime cleaning
  • Daytime cleaning
  • Daytime cleaning

Having worked on janitorial services for a long time, OfficeHelps provides you with all the top-notch janitorial supplies and well-trained janitors who will take care of all the cleaning duties professionally.

Janitorial services promote students’ productivity (Source: Internet)
Janitorial services promote students’ productivity (Source: Internet)

Landscaping Service

As students move in and out of those properties, they have to be able to move around them safely and easily – whether they are coming to school once in the morning and leaving in the afternoon or moving from class to class throughout the day and evening hours.

That’s why landscaping on these commercial facilities can make a huge difference in a student’s experience – not to mention teachers, professors, and other people navigating these sites. School landscape maintenance services can also improve a facility's reputation, raise enrollment, and enhance a student's overall educational experience.

In OfficeHelps, we are dedicated to offering our customers a wealth of knowledge and experience as they provide tailored landscaping solutions that enhance the beauty and appeal of any property.

Just share your needs and expectations with us, and we'll work with you to build a detailed plan that meets all of your needs. Our designers can carefully analyze your explanations to realize your dream and advise you to complete your own design.

While providing you with both services and supplies, we evaluate all the costs needed to provide you with the best price. OfficeHelps is confident that we can save your money and time.

We specialize in all elements of proper landscape maintenance. We can guarantee the greatest level of quality and satisfaction since we can provide a wide range of landscaping services.

Our service can assist with cost savings while contributing to school campus revenue. Let your alumni, students and faculty have complete confidence that you are looking after the well-being they have favorable memories of, while maintaining fiscal responsibility that improves your bottom line and cost efficiencies.

Landscaping guarantee your pupils’s safety (Source: Internet)
Landscaping guarantee your pupils’s safety (Source: Internet)

Maintenance Service

As a top-tier educational institution, you want your facility to maintain iconic, picturesque to represent the superior education you provide. The role of facility management is to preserve the building as best as possible and meet the needs of those who use the building. Any schools or campuses that envision to provide good quality education to their students must provide adequate school facilities, resources and appropriate maintenance services which will, in fact, contribute a more effective learning environment to their users.

While some educational facilities need immediate remedial work, others will need preventative maintenance. That’s why the expert team of OfficeHelps makes sure we completely comprehend your building maintenance requirements before beginning any project.

With over 2,000 experienced experts, craftsmen, and apprentices on board, OfficeHelps has supplied education institutions throughout the US with the services and support needed to optimize their learning environments. From careful engineering and design to quality preventative maintenance, responsive repair services, and building automation and management, OfficeHelps’s wide array of services can completely cover a school’s HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and automation needs: 

  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing & Pipping
  • Repairs & Retrofits
  • Parking Lot Stripping & Sweeping
  • Painting
  • Floor Care & Floor Restoration
  • Handyman Services
  • Fleet Washing

Our maintenance services provide a dependable learning and work environment resulting in satisfied students and faculty. We help you cut costs by providing resource management, inventory tracking and budget planning.

Maintenance services provide a dependable learning and work environment (Source: Internet)
Maintenance services provide a dependable learning and work environment (Source: Internet)

In short, schools, colleges, and universities need to assure students, faculty, and parents that their facilities are clean and safe, all while being asked to do more with less. Students and parents nowadays have a high expectations of the education system, the learning atmosphere and the education premises as well. As an expert in education, one must deliver the needs of students, staff and guests by constantly maintaining the buildings and exceeding their high expectations of the services rendered.

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