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Food And Beverage Manager: What Is It? and How to Become one?

1. What is Food and Beverage Services? 

Food and beverage service is the commercial aspect of the food industry, in which individuals are provided with meals at a place of business in exchange for money or some other form of payment. 

This can be either casual dining or fine dining establishments across the world. These establishments, including bars and taverns, are major components of the tourism sector. 

Food and beverage services or F&B service is a professional industry that include restaurants, bars, cafeterias, canteens, food courts and other food-based hospitality businesses which provide meals to its customers for various purposes like meetings, gatherings, recreation etc. 

To be successful in the F&B industry, it is important to be able to do more than just take orders and serve food. You must have knowledge of the different types of foods and beverages offered, how to present them in an appealing manner, and most importantly you must be friendly.

2. Food and Beverage Management

Food and Beverage Management describes the sub-segments of the hospitality industry that are involved in the provision of food and drink away from home. 

F&B management encompasses an incredibly diverse range of strategies and operations by an entire business ecosystem that includes all stakeholders that produce, distribute, store, process, cook, serve and spare food and drink. This ecosystem involves several sectors such as agriculture, logistics, storage, manufacturing, catering, and waste management. It incorporates complex problem solving, innovation and creativity. 

We can utilize a simple input-output model to analyze the functions of F&B management in hospitality as illustrated in Figure 1. From developing a concept to the management of employees, production, service, control, purchasing and storing, marketing and quality management each F&B function is a link in the chain of this tourism and hospitality sector. 

F&B management occurs in a multitude of operations such as accommodation providers such as city and resort hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs, catering companies and event operators. 

Catering F&B operations also cater to businesses, educational establishments such as schools and Universities, airlines, cruise ships and rail companies. Organizations such as hospitals and health care establishments, the armed services and prisons also include F&B operations and the list is not exhausted.

What is food and beverage management?
What is food and beverage management?

3. What Does a Food and Beverage Manager Do? 

A food and beverage manager or food and beverage service manager orders and maintains the food and beverage inventory of a restaurant or food service company. This important leadership role oversees the operational aspects of a hospitality property’s dining program. It is a highly social position where positive relationships with staff, customers and vendors are key. 

4. How to Become a Food and Beverage Manager?

To become a food and beverage manager, the right combination of education and experience can set you on the pathway to success: 

Consider higher education

While not every employer requires an associate’s or bachelor’s degree for food and beverage managers, many like to see candidates with postsecondary education. 

Some colleges offer programs in hospitality management or related fields, which will impress prospective employers and give you many of the tools for success in a management role. 

There are also a variety of certificate programs specifically designed for aspiring food and beverage managers.

The right education can lead you to succeed in this career
The right education can lead you to succeed in this career

Develop your experience

Regardless of which educational path you choose to pursue, you’ll need to gain experience in the hospitality industry before taking on a supervisory role like a food and beverage manager. 

Ideally, look for positions in hospitality facilities like resorts, hotels or spas. 

It will be helpful to spend time working on the food and beverage team, so you can better understand what each position does to prepare you for a managerial role. Many who end up in food and beverage management transition from other related positions. 

5. How to Be a Good Food and Beverage Manager

Food and Beverage managers must be organized and personable to perform their jobs well. Typically, successful food and beverage managers exhibit these qualities and attributes.


Food and beverage managers have empathy for their employees and their customers. They’re able to provide solutions to complaints or challenges due, in part, to their empathy.


Food and beverage managers must have outstanding communication skills to work effectively with customers, colleagues and third-party vendors.

Communication is a key
Communication is a key


With an array of job duties, food and beverage managers must remain organized. 


Great food and beverage managers can solve problems quickly and decisively to keep operations running smoothly. 

Time management 

Completing tasks and projects within the set deadlines is vital for food and beverage managers. 

Completing tasks within the set deadlines is vital
Completing tasks within the set deadlines is vital


This is an important skill for those who wanna be a great food and beverage manager. Most food and beverage managers oversee a large team of employees.

Critical thinking

Identifying areas for growth and implementing effective processes and procedures for a large team requires critical thinking. 

6. Books & Study Material to Become Food and Beverage Manager

There are no specific books as such for the profile of the Food and Beverage Manager. However, some of the books listed below are highly recommended for a food and beverage manager. 

- Making the Cut: What separates the Best From the Rest by Chris Hill 

- The Profit Recipe by Cesar Quintero

- Chasing the Heat by Leonard Gentieu

- Setting The Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business by Danny Meyer 

- Front of the House: Restaurant Manners, Misbehaviors & Secrets by Jeff Benjamin

7. Food and Beverage Manager Salary

Food and beverage manners take on a great deal of responsibility in their roles. Most organizations compensate their food and beverage managers well to account for their duties, experience, and skill set. The average salary for a food and beverage manager is $67,872 per year. 

Work as a Great Food and Beverage Manager now!

We hope that our information is helpful to you. 

And it would be great if we see you as a food and beverage manager in the near future. 

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