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Green cleaning in aviation janitorial

Today's travelers expect comfort to begin in the terminal with immaculate waiting lounges, squeaky-clean shuttle service, and spotless restrooms. Aviation janitorial is so important since the purpose of aircraft cleaning is to ensure the health and safety of the passengers and the crew. 

What is green cleaning in aviation janitorial

Green cleaning in aviation janitorial means using environment-friendly products during the cleaning process. When we do green cleaning in aviation janitorial, we focus more on products with low-toxicity compounds and the product contains no “solvents”. This leads to an excellent worker’s safety environment. 

Due to the biodegradability of all the components, these products won't build up in the environment and rinse-waste may be treated using conventional wastewater treatment techniques. 

Green cleaning in aviation janitorial means using environment-friendly products (Source: Internet)
Green cleaning in aviation janitorial means using environment-friendly products (Source: Internet)

Why is green cleaning in aviation janitorial so important?

Environmental-friendly products are safer for passengers’ health.

Green cleaning in aviation is a way to keep passengers’ safety and environmental stewardship in your priorities. A traveler will feel more comfortable being served in well-kept waiting areas, clean shuttle transportation, and spotless bathrooms. You should take care of all of these things for your business so that customers feel well taken care of.

Green cleaning in aviation janitorial is better for the environment.

Aviation is one of the most polluting modes of transport today. Since the amount of air travel is anticipated to quadruple over the next two decades, the industry is constantly seeking innovative ways to reduce emissions and improve sustainability. There are other, more straightforward ways for the industry to enhance its environmental performance, despite the majority of the focus on developing alternative jet fuels and bettering aircraft design. They include green cleaning in aviation janitorial.

Green cleaning in aviation janitorial is better for the environment (Source: Internet)
Green cleaning in aviation janitorial is better for the environment (Source: Internet)

Green cleaning in aviation janitorial is costly-effective

Green cleaning techniques can save costs by using less water and chemicals, creating safer working conditions, and requiring fewer heavy bucket lifts. In 2009, it investigated the prices of 373 cleaning goods across 8 product categories from 26 manufacturers. Except for floor strippers, where conventional products were more expensive, the pricing of green products was not noticeably different from those of comparable traditional items. Green products were generally slightly less expensive than conventional ones except for glass cleaners.

Green cleaning in aviation janitorial is costly-effective (Source: Internet)
Green cleaning in aviation janitorial is costly-effective (Source: Internet)

Checklist for green cleaning in aviation janitorial

A green cleaning checklist for aviation janitorial is similar to a standard aircraft cleaning checklist. There are 3 areas you should take care of: galley, cabin, and toilet.


  • Remove garbage bags from gash carts and bins, wipe clean and disinfect bin areas including flaps.
  • Remove surplus waste bags from toilets used for stowage and empty fire containment bags if necessary.
  • Wipe down panels, lockers/drawers, door fascias, and latches. Clean and sanitize work surfaces and functional tables. Clean coffee makers and water boilers.
  • Keep oven doors' exteriors clean.

Note: Only if asked the inside of ovens should be cleaned using authorized aircraft oven cleanser. Oven cages that need cleaning should be delivered back to inflight catering.

  • Requesting a replacement cage from catering.
  • Clean, mop, and disinfect the bulkheads and floor of the galley.
  • Galley mats should be cleaned.
Checklist for green cleaning in aviation janitorial: Galley (Source: Internet)
Checklist for green cleaning in aviation janitorial: Galley (Source: Internet)


  • Clean and sanitize each attendant seat, the seatbelts, and the area (brush the seats).
  • Make sure the seat pan is upright and untangle the harness.
  • Maintaining cabin crew intercom cleanliness
  • Ensure that the door frame, including the panels, sills, escape doors, and emergency slide cover, are clean and germ-free.
  • Vacuum the carpets and floors to get rid of any stray debris. Clean the seat track capping and floor path lighting.
  • Remove pillowcases and headrest covers from the seats (if applicable)
  • Clean and sanitize the cabin's windows, shades, sidewall lining, ceiling, air nozzles, and dimmable window controls (if applicable).
  • Scrub and disinfect the handles and exterior of the overhead locker.
  • Clean and sanitize after taking out all the trash from the seat pockets.
  • Dry off and clean tray tables.
Checklist for green cleaning in aviation janitorial: Cabin (Source: Internet)
Checklist for green cleaning in aviation janitorial: Cabin (Source: Internet)


  • Clean the surface and mirrors of the bathroom sink.
  • Check all soap dispensers are working and re-filled with liquid soap and disinfect dispenser \sif applicably
  • Clean and sanitize the shelves, ceiling, and sidewall panels.
  • If there is a changing table, clean and sanitize it.
  • Make the flushing mechanism (lever or button) functional and wipe the toilet bowl, shroud, and seat.
  • Empty the trash bin(s), clean and disinfect the compartment including the flap before re\sinstalling the bin(s) (s)
  • Clean and sanitize the flooring.
  • Verify toilet compartment is dressed and filled with amenities required for the flight
  • Clean and disinfect the lavatory door (both sides) including the door lock, knobs/lever, grip and door 
Checklist for green cleaning in aviation janitorial: Toilet (Source: Internet)
Checklist for green cleaning in aviation janitorial: Toilet (Source: Internet)

Products you should use for green cleaning in aviation janitorial

These non-corrosive, low-foaming cleaners/degreasers don't contain substances that corrode finishes, cause rust, or weaken elastic materials like rubber or vinyl but instead extend the life of hoses, seals, gaskets, paint finishes, and other hard surfaces. They also rise without leaving any residue for simplicity of use and the protection of structures.

Extreme Simple Green

The brand-new aircraft and precision cleaning tool from Simple Green effortlessly removes difficult, embedded grease, oil, filth, pollutants, bug droppings, and impact soils. A unique "triple play" cleaning mix gives Extreme Simple Green its outstanding cleaning power. To swiftly remove soil from the aircraft surface and maintain it there so that it may be thoroughly rinsed away, two high-performance surfactants and a new-generation grease lifter/cutter combine.

The two main factors that determine how well Extreme Simple Green performs are its strong capacity to hold grease, oil, and dirt in solution for extended periods of time during cleaning and rinsing. Fast cleaning and no redeposition are the results of this, however, Extreme Simple Green can also enter oil/water separators and cause oil to separate from the solution.

Extreme Simple Green (Source: Internet)
Extreme Simple Green (Source: Internet)

Aero Kleen

Grease, fuel oils, hydraulic fluids, carbon, and organic resins can all be removed using this environmentally friendly product without harmful chemicals. Aero Kleen is designed to clean aircraft equipment from Boeing and the Douglas Aircraft Company by military and commercial conformity standards.

Aero Kleen (Source: Internet)
Aero Kleen (Source: Internet)

Ecolink 2005 –  Replaced by FluoSolv

 The following companies and institutions, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Sikorsky, and NASA Dryden Research Center, can benefit significantly from using Ecolink 2005 for cleaning aerospace equipment. As a method for immersion/Sonics cleaning to sanitize oxidizer flow meters in military/commercial aircraft, Ecolink 2005 is also quite effective.

Ecolink 2005 –  Replaced by FluoSolv (Source: Internet)
Ecolink 2005 –  Replaced by FluoSolv (Source: Internet)


There are two varieties of electrons: electron 296 and electron original. Everything from general cleaning procedures to cleaning spectrometer burn chambers to acting as a QPL Class II solvent remover uses Electron as a cleaner. Electron 296 is promoted as a replacement solution for general maintenance of DOD ground equipment, weaponry, and aerospace systems.

Electron (Source: Internet)
Electron (Source: Internet)

Conclusion of green cleaning in aviation janitorial

You may reduce energy and operational costs at your facility and the chance that you and your tenants will be exposed to hazardous chemicals by using green cleaning techniques. Green cleaning can lower waste and pollution levels and your disposal and cleanup expenses.

We utilize green methods for aviation janitorial.

Not only giving you a lot of information about many industries, OfficeHelps also brings you excellent tips and cleaning services. 

Our dedication to the environment at OfficeHelps encourages a healthy workplace and reduces waste, which helps your company save money. To preserve a healthy indoor environment and minimize any detrimental effects on the surrounding community, we achieve this by placing an emphasis on safe cleaning agents and procedures.
At, we provide you with affordable and reliable cleaning services and a lot of helpful tips. Feel free to contact us today! Our experienced cleaning experts are waiting for you!

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