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Healthcare Recruiter Salary and Job Description

The healthcare industry is in desperate need of talent. The demand for physicians is outstripping supply, with a projected shortfall of 42,000 to 121,000 by 2030, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Nursing has its own shortage, with tens of thousands of nursing positions going unfilled each year. Meanwhile, healthcare employee turnover is quite high, reaching nearly 20% in some cases — and this was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare recruiter (Source: Internet)
Healthcare recruiter (Source: Internet)

Healthcare Recruiter Salary

As of August 2021, the salary range for healthcare recruiters was between $46,000 and $61,000, with a median annual salary of approximately $53,000, according to PayScale. Compensation can vary significantly based on several factors, such as location, experience level, and the type of healthcare organization hiring for the position.

Average Healthcare Recruiter Salary Graph, Trends, and Summary (Source: Internet)
Average Healthcare Recruiter Salary Graph, Trends, and Summary (Source: Internet)
  • Experience: New recruiters typically earn less than more experienced colleagues. Healthcare recruiters with one to four years of experience earned a median annual salary of around $46,000, while those with five to nine years of experience earned nearly $53,000, according to PayScale. Recruiters with more than ten years of experience earned more than $60,000 per year.
  • Organization: The size and scope of the organization can also have an impact on a healthcare recruiter's salary because it can affect the size of their workload. Recruiters who work for larger organizations with a larger staff may have more responsibilities and better pay.
  • Location: There isn’t a remarkable difference in salary of healthcare recruiters in different cities. While recruiters working in big cities like Washington can earn around $66.000 per year, those who work in Charlotte, NC can earn about $51.000 per year. However, it may different between states because of a more competitive job market, regions with a higher concentration of large healthcare institutions, such as metropolitan areas, often pay a higher salary.

Healthcare Recruiter Job Description

A healthcare recruiter's job is similar to that of other industries' recruiters and human resources specialists. They are in charge of locating, evaluating, and hiring qualified candidates for open positions. However, when hiring for specific positions in the medical field, healthcare recruiters must consider other factors, such as specific credentials and degrees. To identify the most qualified candidates, healthcare recruiters must have a background in healthcare — either through education, experience, or both.

There are some common responsibilities of a healthcare recruiter: 

Making a Job Advertisement

A well-crafted posting will stand out and help attract the best candidates if it is interesting and sells the benefits of both the specific role and the company.

Making a Job Posting

Knowing where to post a job listing is just as important as knowing how to write it. Healthcare recruiters should use industry-specific job portals in addition to standard job search sites. This ensures that the listing reaches a larger and possibly more qualified candidate pool.

Making a job description (Source: Internet)
Making a job description (Source: Internet)

Interviewing and screening

Recruiters use applicant tracking system software to screen candidates, searching for specific keywords and phrases and evaluating resumes and cover letters to ensure they meet the qualifications.

They are also usually present during the interview process, especially in the early stages. They must understand the role's qualifications and ask candidates questions about their education, work history, and job skills.

Healthcare interview (Source: Internet)
Healthcare interview (Source: Internet)

Validating Credentials

Another critical role of healthcare recruiters is to ensure that candidates have the necessary qualifications for the position, particularly any required credentials or certifications. This is essential in clinical roles. Recruiters can check candidates' qualifications using online tools and references.

How Do You Become a Healthcare Recruiter?

Education is the cornerstone of a successful career as a healthcare recruiter. Most employers require recruiters to have a bachelor's degree or higher. Human resources, business, and sales degrees are common among recruiters in many industries.

A background in healthcare is frequently required for healthcare recruiters. A master's degree in health administration, for example, can provide individuals with foundational knowledge of the healthcare industry that recruiters require. Courses in healthcare operations, human resources, and organizational behavior can help recruiters understand how institutions operate and how to meet their staffing needs, including important information on medical credentialing.

Become a healthcare recruiter (Source: Internet)
Become a healthcare recruiter (Source: Internet)


Some employers may also require previous work experience in recruiting or the healthcare industry. Those with industry experience will almost certainly have an advantage in their job search.


Healthcare recruiters should also have certain skills that will enable them to excel in their role.

Recruiters use communication skills to build relationships with employers and job seekers, as well as to make persuasive sales pitches to potential employees.

To properly evaluate applicants' qualifications, including any required credentials, recruiters must be detail-oriented.

Healthcare recruiters must also be capable of multitasking and organizing themselves. To do their job well, they must juggle multiple responsibilities and keep track of a large number of applicants.

Become a Healthcare Recruiter

Healthcare recruiter is a potential career for their ability to identify, evaluate, and hire qualified healthcare professionals for corporations. Before starting your trip to become a healthcare recruiter, prepare a general background about Healthcare administration: What You Need to Know in 2023, Healthcare Operations: Everything You Need To Know

Other career in healthcare industry you may concern: 

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