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Educational facilities need to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for people to learn. Whether it’s an elementary school or a university, students should be able to focus on the subject matter at hand and should never be at risk of picking up germs or bacteria. OfficeHelps’s systematic approach to cleaning educational facilities makes an enormous contribution to protecting the health of your students and your staff. From daily cleaning to high-level disinfection, we offer all levels of service to fit your needs and budget

What are Benefits of our facility solutions for Education?

Cost Control

Every single cent of your budget is important. OfficeHelps is dedicated to taking care of learning resources. We assist you in lowering operating expenses by providing cost-effective school services that are tailored to your school's specific requirements.

Customized Programs

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. We work hard to design and deliver a school building maintenance program that meets the needs of your specific educational facility, whether you need standalone or integrated facility services.

Increased Engagement

Provide the best possible learning environment for students and the most supportive work environment for teachers and staff. OfficeHelps keeps your buildings clean, healthy and operating at peak efficiency.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reducing your environmental footprint. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, from green cleaning to lighting upgrades. Our school services and facility maintenance have assisted our education clients in reducing their energy consumption by 26.5 percent on average.

Self Performance

There is power in consistent, high-quality service that won’t exceed your budget. The majority of our services are self-performed by highly trained personnel dedicated to meeting the high expectations of your school facility management program. We collaborate with you to retain and train key personnel while also hiring local talent.

What are the facilities of Education we serve?
K-12 Education

Environments where our children can learn, socialize, and thrive

A partnership with OfficeHelps will provide subject matter expertise and data-driven insights. We take your goals and expectations and create a customized facilities program that offers in-house technical staff, comprehensive training, certification, quality assurance, and a laser focus on employee retention. Our program allows you to put your focus back where it belongs – on educating your students.

Higher Education

Facilities that support growth, development and success.

Prospective students have a lot to consider when they begin looking for a college or university to attend. These institutions become their new home, full of opportunities for lifelong connections, tradition, and pride. Through a partnership with OfficeHelps, you ensure your current students, future students, faculty, and staff have clean and healthy spaces for learning and innovation.

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