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10 Inspiring School Landscaping Ideas in 2022

In the past, most schools only focused on upgrading and renovating things inside the school, or laboratory equipment, … and they mostly ignored one of the important things that were school landscapes. By looking at the school's outdoor area as a whole, learners and teachers alike will be in a better learning mood, increase play, and gain additional learning, cultural, and social elements in your school.

Small changes make a big impact, so in order to help you get started, we would like to recommend to you some inspiring school playground ideas in 2022 that you can apply to your school.

Decks and platforms around trees 

Building a tree-surrounding deck is a\one of the most brilliant landscaping ideas for schools that can be utilized in a variety of ways. It creates the opportunity for students to participate in games, performances, outdoor classes, theater and social activities. Your tree will shade the area and protect the students from the sun, while the platform will make the area cleaner and transform pieces of land that don't normally grow grass.

Decks and platforms around the trees create many playgrounds (Source: Internet)
Decks and platforms around the trees create many playgrounds (Source: Internet)

Ground Markings

With just a few lines drawn on the concrete ground, schools can create places for fun, such as folk games, court sports, bike tracks, and cognitive mapping games, … This allows children to increase their creativity and have fun with their friends at break times. There are some schools that use the same colors as their logo for the playground. 

Colorful ground markings and shapes can be used to tell some stories. Fairy and folk tales or pictures of nature and animals can connect children with the school and the outside environment.

Ground Markings make school more colorful (Source: Internet)
Ground Markings make school more colorful (Source: Internet)

Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly gardens don't have to be time consuming. Once you've established yourself in a sheltered spot, you can have students plant some attractive flowers, add some decorative items, and a water source like a small bowl, and you have a beautiful butterfly garden for your students to watch the little critters in sunbathing. Landscaping elements like these help students build an element of caring and respect for nature. It also allows for great educational opportunities.

butterfly garden
Create more vitality for the school thanks to the butterfly garden (Source: Internet)

Turning Existing Walls into Climbing Walls

Turning empty walls into climbing walls is easy. Not only does it make the wall itself more interesting, it can also help develop motor skills and add a fun climbing challenge for your students. Besides, you also need to ensure the principles of child safety. Furthermore, adding climbing walls requires a safety surface where the fall height is greater than 600mm, but you can always place the handles along the wall instead of up.

The climbing walls will help children develop physical strength (Source: Internet)

Fruit Garden

Growing vegetables or starting a fruit garden is a great way to engage students who are interested and enthusiastic about horticulture and learn about the origins of their food. It allows them to develop the practical skills needed to care for growing fruit trees, while providing them with the opportunity to learn about ecology and nutrition. Not only that, creating a small garden can also help children have an awareness of protecting the surrounding environment and love nature more.

Add extra-curricular activities related to farming to help children love nature more (Source: Internet)

Bird Feeder Area

Bird feeders are another great way to connect students with nature and the creatures around them. You can place bird feeders around your school campus, attracting all kinds of wildlife. This provides an opportunity to learn about birds and their lives and inspires respect among students and the environment.

Bird Feeder Area
Bird Feeder Area helps attract many species of birds for children to explore (Source: Internet)

Art/Sculpture Garden

Garden areas can also be used to display artwork or sculptures, either created by students or added to the campus to add key elements. Incorporating art into your outdoor space encourages children to display their work, stimulate creativity and find creative inspiration in their environment.

Art/Sculpture Garden
The school can be made more alive with art/sculpture garden (Source: Internet)

Music Wall

The artistic elements of your landscape don't have to stop at murals or paintings. One of the great playground ideas for schools that is not widely known is the music wall. Humans cannot live without music and listening to music regularly has many cognitive benefits and is also extremely enjoyable. Bringing elements of music into the outdoors gives students the opportunity to explore rhythm and melody. Adding bells, symbols, xylophones and drums allows students to create individually or in groups. It can help develop motor skills as well as encourage performance and encourage students to experiment in areas where they can express themselves.

Bringing music to school is also a way to make students more interested in going to school
Bringing music to school is also a way to make students more interested in going to school (Source: Internet)

Ball Great Wall

Adding a simple goal to an empty space can be the start of many game ideas. From your classic darts goal to soccer goal design, all you need is a ball and the students can do the rest. Another way to take advantage is that you can draw a golf ball on a wall and with just a few more strokes on the ground, you have created a play space for children. It can be used as a team or individually develop coordination, accuracy and teamwork.

Sports is a way to motivate students to work in groups more effectively (Source: Internet)

Balance Objects

Incorporating balance objects into your school is a great way to add fun and exercise to your outdoor spaces and also, decorate your areas too. They activate physical abilities and develop the ability to concentrate. Not only that, these objects can inspire your creativity and problem-solving skills. The balance elements encourage competitive teams and games starting with simple movements and progressing to more difficult drills and tricks.

balance object
The balancing objects are small but very effective in decorating the school (Source: Internet)

There are many ways for schools to take advantage of their playgrounds to create spaces for children to play and increase creativity, connection between students and school and among students, thus, love of nature. Children will be more interested in going to school when their school has clean and beautiful grounds and many entertaining games.

We hope that you can change your school by checking out some of the ideas above. Let's help children have more interesting lessons and be more interested in going to school

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