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San Jose convention center: Everything you need to know

Convention centers are large buildings that are designed to hold a convention, where individuals and groups gather to promote and share common interests. 

In San Jose, the locals have built the San Jose Convention Center to hold many types of meetings. 

But where to park in the Convention Center? How much is parking at this place? And more and more information that you have to know before renting the Center. 

In this post, we will show you all about it. 

Does the San Jose Convention Center have parking?

The San Jose McEnery Convention Center lot is connected to both the Hilton and Marriott hotels in addition to the Convention Center. Entrances can be found on Market Street and South Almaden Boulevard, between Balbach/Viola and West San Carlos. Additional parking behind the Convention Center, by South Hall, can be accessed from South Market/Viola or from Balbach/Almaden. 

How much is parking at the San Jose Convention Center?

If you are driving to San Jose for Worldcon, note that while all of the hotels have parking, none of it is free, and in some cases, it is valet parking only and quite expensive, and in all cases, the hotel-provided parking is in parking garages, not lots and not suitable for overheight vehicles. 

For a rundown of vehicle parking available in downtown San Jose, see the website of the park. 

The San Jose Convention Center parking garage is $20/day, with no in-and-out privileges. The clearance is 6’6” (approx. 2 m). 

The entrances to the parking garage are off Almaden Blvd (Hilton end) and S Market St (Marriott end). 

If you do not need ready access to your vehicle, another option is to park at the Tamien light rail station (parking is free) or one of the other San Jose VTA Park & Ride Lots and ride light rail ($2.25 one-way) to Convention Center Station, located in front of the Convention Center. 

However, some Park & Ride lots have a limited number of long-term parking spaces available.

Overnight parking is not allowed in the center
Overnight parking is not allowed in the center

Can I park overnight at the San Jose Convention Center?

You are not allowed to park overnight at the San Jose Convention Center. 

There are several lots (open-to-the-sky lots, not garages) where over-height vehicles can park. 

The lot at Almaden Blvd/Woz Way is across the street from the Hilton end of the Convention Center and costs $7/day. It is also open 24 hours. 

Besides, we have found some locations where overnight parking is not forbidden, so you can consider:   

Where can I park overnight in San Jose?

1. North Garage

65 S. 10th., San Jose, CA 95112

6-story parking structure located on the corner of S. 10th and E. San Fernando Streets. The entrance is on E. San Fernando Street. This garage is open 24 hours daily to ‘E’, ‘R’, ‘H’, Carpool, and Overnight permits. Permit Pay-Stations are available on the 1st floor by elevators. The garage is open. 

- General (1,445) 

- Disabled (8)

- Employee (355)

- Motorcycles 

- R-Permit Only (7)

- 30-Minute Time Zone (22)

2. West Garage 

350 S. 4th St, San Jose, CA 95112

5-story parking structure located on the corner of S. 4th and E. San Salvador Streets. There are 2 entrances; one on S. 4th Street and another on E. San Salvador Street. 

This garage is open 24 hours daily to ‘E’, ‘R’, ‘H’, Carpool, and Overnight permits. Permit Pay-Stations available in the garage. The garage is open for. 

- General (1,135) 

- Disabled (9)

- Employee (36) 

- R-Permit Only (4)

3. South Garage 

377 S. 7th St., San Jose, CA 96112

5-story parking structure located on the corner of S. 7th and E. San Salvador Streets. 

The Parking Services Office is located at the Entrance of the garage. The entrance to the garage is on S. 7th Street. 

This garage is open 24 hours daily to ‘E’, ‘R’, ‘H’, Carpool, and Overnight permits. 

Hours for all other permits are 6:00 a.m to 12:00 a.m. Permit Pay-Stations are available on floors 3 and above and on the 1st floor for the Disabled Parking area. The garage is open for: 

- General (1,445)

- Disabled (48)

- Employee (448)

- Motorcycles (25) 

- R-Permit Only (5)

- Special O (24)

- Clinic Parking (12)

- 20-Minute Time Zone (12)

How many people fit in the Convention Center in San Jose?

The San Jose McEnery Convention Center is a convention center in Downtown San Jose, California. 

The San Jose McEnery Convention Center sits in the center of Downtown and boasts hundreds of varied events a year. From the huge draw of Famine, the Silicon Valley Auto Show, Silicon Valley Comic Con, annual tech conferences, and especially events, meetings, and trade shows. 

The Convention Center is buzzing year-round - it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for things to do in San Jose. 

The interactive public art installation “Idea Tree” stands at the front of the Center, which underwent a massive $130 million renovation and expansion and debuted its new makeover in October 2013.

The convention center covers 550,000 square feet (51,000 m2), including 165,000 square feet (15,300 m2) of exhibit space, 31 meeting rooms, and banquet facilities for some 5,000.

It can accommodate 11,428 people, or 5,333 people with exhibits.

There are many people that this center can hold
There are many people that this center can hold

How long can a car be parked on a residential street in San Jose?

Off-street parking rates are between $3-$5/hour. Rates for 24-hour parking vary even greater. They can be as low as $6 and as high as $30, but the average price is around $20.

Make sure you’ve already compared the prices in other places to have better chances of finding a good deal. 

In contrast, on-street meters charge $1/hour and they are enforced from 9AM to 6PM, Mon-Sat, except for the Little Italy district, where meters are enforced 9AM-10PM every day. Moreover, meters accept coins and cards. Multi-space meters near the Convention Center and the SAP Arena charge between $5 and $25.

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