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We are not only a mechanical maintenance provider but also an excellent landscaping caretaker who offers a wide range of landscaping maintenance services including lawn maintenance service, yard maintenance service, garden maintenance service, and so on.
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Improve operating costs and building performance

With the dream of producing meaningful results for our customers. Our primary goal is to connect our goals with those of our consumers. We treat your assets as if they were our own. This strategy ultimately decides our performance and allows you to concentrate on your primary company.

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HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and piping are key sources of expense, whether as a consequence of costly delayed maintenance concerns or the increased complexity of new systems. OfficeHelps is a nationwide HVAC provider with brand-independent experience and the ability to safeguard your assets, decrease capital expenditures, and generate energy savings. We provide commercial heating and cooling solutions that will keep your systems functioning efficiently, effectively, safely, and sustainably, allowing you to improve the performance of your facility and everyone who works there.

What Maintenance Service can we supply?

We provide comprehensive maintenance to ensure the reliability of your equipment. Our professional service engineers ensure that everything, from single production units to your entire plant, is in good working order. Maintaining your equipment is just a smart long-term investment. With our Maintenance Services, you can be guaranteed of maximizing your return.
We have over 2,000 experienced experts, craftsmen, and apprentices on board. They can work to meet every property care demand, regardless of sector.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating & air conditioning is the most important system of a building that needs to work stably all the time. However, sometimes you will need help from us for services such as repairing, cleaning or periodically maintaining your air conditioners and heaters. OfficeHelps has all the services ranging from air conditioning maintenance service to AC maintenance service. No matter how expansive and advanced your HVAC system may be, we are able to handle maintenance.

Plumbing & Pipping

You have a plumbing problem if you have a leaking, dripping faucet that won't stop no matter how firmly you turn the handle or a blocked toilet that won't unclog. Do not attempt to repair your plumbing fittings on your own; instead, call for all of your domestic OfficeHelps. We have all the necessary equipment and experts to handle your plumbing repairs, including work on sinks, faucets, clogged drains, toilets and more. Blockages and clogs can occur over time in your drainage system. Our team can perform drain cleaning to ensure an effective and smooth running drain.

Repairs & Retrofits

In the uncommon occasion that a system breakdown occurs, prompt repairs are required. Our equipment is built to provide the maximum possible uptime during its operating life. Documenting all repair occurrences for our goods allows us to see trends in the amount and frequency of breakdowns. With nearly little downtime or maintenance costs, it may be able to prolong the life even further with our refurbishing options. When your AEG PS equipment is part of a larger installation, removing the cabinets might be an expensive procedure owing to site location or aesthetics. AEG PS creates many retrofit kits to replace the control portion or the entire control and power component of the DC charger without any problems. Because the replacement parts are light in weight, this method can be highly cost effective, especially in isolated or offshore sites.

Parking Lot Stripping & Sweeping

Your parking environment and operators are sometimes the first point of contact your clients have with your brand. We provide you with basic necessary cleaning tasks to keep your parking lot a good look. OfficeHelps guarantees your visitors' happiness and safety from arrival to departure via rigorous personnel screening, hiring, and training.


OfficeHelps understands the significance of color. Painting can make all the difference, from a fresh exterior painting job that improves the curb appeal of your house or company to interior painting that adds style and comfort to your everyday life. Don't put off that painting project any longer; contact OfficeHelps today and start enjoying your freshly painted house sooner rather than later.

Floor Care & Floor Restoration

In addition to part of your regular office maintenance and cleaning process, our Floor Care & Floor Restoration services can be useful in special situations. While professional floor cleaning and polishing is not a replacement for regular floor maintenance, it is a crucial step in keeping your floors in good condition. Let our experts check your floor and give you solutions as different flooring materials are compatible to different care.

Handyman Services

Regardless of the size of your office, maintaining it can be a struggle. While you may not have the time or the tools to accomplish everything on your to-do list, simply contact OfficeHelps with our reliable team of experts who offer handyman services skillfully.

Fleet Washing

OfficeHelps provides a full list of fleet washing, facility washing, preventive maintenance services including: - Car maintenance service - Trailer Washouts - Interior Detailing - Engine Cleaning and Degreasing - Concrete Cleaning - Commercial Building Washing Our well-trained and uniformed staff will arrive at your site with everything necessary to make your vehicles shine.

How Much Does It Cost For Maintenance services?

Testing and balancing are crucial to your performance, whether you are achieving business requirements, maximizing the ROI of your facility investment, attempting to extend the life of your systems, or fulfilling regulations. OfficeHelps’s professionals that are certified and experienced inspect for quality, adjust for efficiency, and balance cost and energy consumption to guarantee your equipment operates best. Better indoor air quality, cost savings, comfort, and productivity are the end results.

Why Do You Need Maintenance Services?

We guarantee your facilities work stably by giving them a suitable maintenance schedule as well as immediate reaction in any unexpected situation. We do this by using USDA-approved detergents, years of experience, and meticulous attention to detail. We help your business stand out while keeping environmental regulations. We work around the schedule, provide reasonable charges, and are owned and controlled by interested and accountable individuals.

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We continuously chase the finest cleaning standards with personalized programs intended to match your needs, whether for daily, nightly, or one-time office cleaning services. We follow every update in cleaning methods and equipment. We deliver on our promises and follow up with each client to ensure perfect satisfaction.

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