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The benefits of preventive maintenance in schools

One of the best decisions you can ever make is to maintain the facilities and aesthetics of your school. This is due to the fact that it not only ensures the safety of your kids but also actively supports the long-term health of your buildings. The following are 7 advantages of undertaking Education maintenance that every facility leader should be aware of.

Education maintenance extends the life of the asset

Possibly the most significant advantage of Education maintenance is increasing asset longevity. Maintaining your equipment will enable it to run longer and cost less. Mean time between failures, or MTBF, is a popular Metric that facilities managers use to make knowledgeable maintenance decisions. By keeping track of data like MTBF, you can schedule preventative maintenance at precisely the correct time and catch the equipment before it breaks down.

Because of the effectiveness of a solid downtime tracking system, 78% of businesses that track and use preventative maintenance report longer equipment lifespans.

Education maintenance extends the life of the asset (Source: Internet)
Education maintenance extends the life of the asset (Source: Internet)

Education maintenance prevents unplanned interruptions

Unplanned maintenance can significantly impact a teaching year since it disrupts campus activities for a certain amount of time. For instance, disrupting examinations and classes.

The good news is that everything is completed on schedule with a school maintenance program. When students are not on campus, schools might carry out maintenance over the summer or at the end of the academic year.

This guarantees that your school's operations will go without a hitch when the students return because the maintenance will already have been completed.

Education maintenance allows better budgeting

Many schools operate on minimal budgets, and if you don't have a maintenance program, you risk running into unanticipated issues brought on by structural flaws. This may cause unexpected expenses to exceed your already limited budget.

Assume that you have already planned your expenses for the term and that a wall of one of your classroom blocks was to collapse in the middle of the semester. This has a big impact on you because your kids need to use the classroom. Therefore you need to address it quickly.

Also, a planned maintenance program allows you to address structural issues before they deteriorate. The best part is that it is completed within the allocated budget and won't cause strain as you can find the best company like symmetry commercial for your project.

Education maintenance allows better budgeting (Source: Internet)
Education maintenance allows better budgeting (Source: Internet)

Education maintenance lowers the danger of breakdowns

Education maintenance programs in schools also have the important benefit of lowering the risk of breakdowns. In actuality, a decreased chance of breakdown is the primary cause of most advantages. If you put off maintenance until something breaks, your business could suffer from missed production and a bad image.

90% of mechanical breakdowns in industrial equipment are caused by problems that may be avoided with a thorough preventative maintenance plan. Only 10% or less of industrial equipment ever genuinely wears out from the proper operation. As a facility manager, you may significantly reduce the chance of equipment failure through proactive maintenance scheduling, which will provide you peace of mind.

Education maintenance lowers danger of breakdowns (Source: Internet)
Education maintenance lowers danger of breakdowns (Source: Internet)

Education maintenance increases efficiency 

Equipment that receives regular preventative maintenance not only lasts longer but also operates more effectively. Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or OEE, is a popular KPI for maintenance management that gauges productivity. OEE rates equipment based on its performance, quality, and availability.

Education maintenance leads to overall improvements in a piece of machinery like an HVAC unit.

  • Availability: Scheduled preventative maintenance results in better equipment uptime and availability, while reactive maintenance often results in longer equipment downtime.
  • Performance: HVAC systems that are properly maintained are better able to keep the air inside a place at a predetermined temperature and distribute it uniformly.
  • Quality: An HVAC system that periodically has its coils and air filter cleaned will provide cleaner, higher-quality air as well as more efficient heating and cooling.
Education maintenance increases efficiency (Source: Internet)
Education maintenance increases efficiency (Source: Internet)

Education maintenance encourages safety and health

Maintaining accurate records and carrying out Education maintenance can also enhance the well-being and security of your organization. Health and safety are vital in any facility, including business buildings and schools, despite the misconception that they are only a concern in facilities with dangerous equipment when discussing educational maintenance.

Using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to track Education maintenance will enable you to keep an eye on all of your facility's equipment and keep vital safety data in one central location. Additionally, using CMMS software makes safety audits easier. All equipment items' complete maintenance histories and safety procedures are accessible with only a few clicks on a smartphone. CMMS software and school preventive maintenance programs can help your facility prepare for a fire.

Education maintenance encourages safety and health (Source: Internet)
Education maintenance encourages safety and health (Source: Internet)

Education maintenance increases client satisfaction

Maintaining equipment in Education maintenance as efficiently as possible not only results in cost savings and greater income but also strengthens the brand and increases customer happiness. Preventive maintenance programs in school are the practice of preventing failures and maintaining the quality of the commodities produced at manufacturing facilities. This guarantees consumer happiness with the product, reinforcing brand image.

Even at establishments that don't generate products for sale, "customers" can be the employees or students who attend the facility. A comfortable climate can boost productivity in offices and classrooms. Education maintenance may ensure that your school will never lose productivity due to a malfunctioning HVAC system.

Education maintenance increases client satisfaction (Source: Internet)
Education maintenance increases client satisfaction (Source: Internet)

Conclusion of Education maintenance 

Overall, Education maintenance helps you manage compliance and inspection requirements, extends the life of your equipment, saves downtime, eliminates demands for reactive maintenance, and avoids expensive emergency repairs.

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