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The Importance of Maintenance in Educational Facilities

Many schools in the US were built in the 1970s, and even in the 1960s almost no visible maintenance work has been done to their buildings since then, but even constructed new schools have been significantly damaged. Lack of maintenance will only worsen the condition of the building and make repairs much more expensive. There are also many studies mentioning that students' learning ability has a relationship with the environment and education conditions.

The overall impact of school buildings on learning

Several studies have found that children's ability to learn is adversely affected by their environment, which impairs students' ability to concentrate. Degraded buildings can also affect how teachers teach, affecting their confidence and overall job satisfaction. For teachers, poor working conditions can lead to higher absenteeism and absenteeism, reduced productivity and morale, lower educational effectiveness, and lower levels of job satisfaction. However, good working conditions make teachers more enthusiastic about their work, have a high work ethic, and want to take on more responsibilities, which benefits them and their students.

School facilities in good condition indicate that students are cared for and have a positive social environment and can encourage regular attendance. Perhaps unsurprisingly, dilapidated buildings and shabby facilities, such as leaky ceilings or moldy walls, give students a negative impression. This can lead to high absenteeism and poor academic performance as students are less active and aggressive toward those around them.

The Impact Of Poor School Facility Management

Poorly maintained school facilities have a negative impact on teachers and students. They influence teacher recruitment, workload, retention, and engagement. A poorly managed classroom environment can affect student behavior, health, and employment.

The overall impact of school buildings on learning
The overall impact of school buildings on learning (Source: Internet)

Without proper management and remodeling plans for school facilities, her three areas would be most affected:

1. Health and safety in schools

The most important aspect of running a school is ensuring the health and safety of our students, staff, and visitors. It is your responsibility to ensure that regular risk assessments are performed. This has to do with:

  • Check fire protection protocols
  • Carry out regular building maintenance
  • Check the school's daily drinking water supply

2. Classroom environment

If the school environment is not considered, the educational environment will be affected. Outside noise distracts students, excessive noise causes stress, and poor air quality can make students sleepy and limit their concentration. Additionally, moldy walls and leaky ceilings can affect student health. 

Then there is the issue of classrooms and available learning resources. Too few classrooms or overcrowded classes can overwork teachers and cause student numbers to exceed class limits. It is taught in places not suitable for classrooms. Lack of adequate training and equipment.

3. Employee health and productivity

Nearly 50% of teachers believe working conditions are harmful to their health. When the productivity of officials and teachers is affected, so is their teaching effort and work ethic. 

What can be done to ensure the basic maintenance of school facilities? 

There is no reason why the school is so overcrowded and dilapidated. Much can be done to improve current and future school facilities. There are multiple examples to support this idea, for instance: 

Raising more investment

Improving school buildings remains a top priority and requires increased government investment through programs and budgeting. Schools can raise funds from outside; in return, schools can promote their brands or create media for companies that have invested in them. This helps the school building serve its purpose and become a safe place for everyone to teach and learn.

By improving short-term investments, America's school districts can significantly reduce overall costs while being significantly more sustainable and resilient. Improving school facilities can help attract more students from home and abroad. 

Creating a shared utility

Having a good facility that is only used for a few hours a day and closed for several weeks a year is a waste. Therefore, a more connected approach such as B. Sharing facilities with other local schools, colleges, and the wider community can help manage and maintain facilities and save even more money. Alternatively, schools can rent out their facilities and equipment outright, such as playgrounds and earn extra money for renovations.

Making schools more lively by designing

Researchers at the University of Salford in Manchester have found that school design is also important for learning. Well-designed elementary schools that provide natural light, temperature, and good air quality can improve children's academic achievement in reading, writing, and math.

When the long-term funding and facility management principles of educational buildings are considered at the design stage, they can significantly impact the structure. A British institute believes that good design can reduce school buildings' operating and maintenance costs, saving UK schools up to £150m a year in maintenance costs. Increase. Maintain operations.

A recent survey found that over 90% of her teachers believe well-constructed and designed schools improve education and student behavior. Create inspiring and flexible spaces to keep teachers and students focused.

Principles need to ensure the maintenance of school facilities
Principles need to ensure the maintenance of school facilities (Source: Internet)

Children learning should be placed on top!

Student learning is not only related to the child's ability and habits, but external factors such as school and school facilities also affect students' spirit and learning efficiency. Schools that have not been improved for a long time will be degraded, causing student learning and teacher-teaching difficulties. Regular improvements to the school and equipment will make teachers more interested in going to work and students will also focus on learning.

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