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Warehouse Maintenance Challenges And Best Practices today

What is warehouse maintenance?

Warehouse maintenance is the system a business owner has in place in order to keep the facility storing all of the company’s products in functioning condition at all times. 

Warehouse maintenance ensures that products are getting out of the door to the customer in a timely manner. It’s essential for every business owner because any breakdowns of essential equipment will result in delays in getting products to customers, which results in lower customer satisfaction and lost sales.  

Why is warehouse maintenance important?

In fact, poor maintenance practices can cause a decrease in productivity and lead to an increase in workplace injuries, product damages and customer complaints. All these can create a great impact on the reputation of your company, as well as your bottom line. 

Good warehouse maintenance will give you better control over your inventory and make sure that your customers can receive their products on time, which basically leads to a higher profit. 

If your warehouse is poorly maintained, your work environment will be dangerous to work in. 

But if you have it, there will be a big revolution for your business: 

- Better Inventory Management: 

Warehouses provide a centralized location for your goods and make it easier for you to track and manage your inventory. Invest in a warehouse and you’ll be able to store, ship and distribute products more effectively.

- More Efficient Packing and Processing:

A warehouse enables businesses to pack and grade their goods according to legal requirements and customer needs. You will save more cost for the logistics, in which flexibility is maximized. 

- Improved Risk While Working:

By giving your warehouse maintenance a prevention approach, you can avoid most equipment-related incidents. For example, to prevent a forklift turnover mentioned above, we recommend regular maintenance of haulage equipment, including tires. 

A forklift is risky
A forklift is risky

Proactive warehouse maintenance is a good suggestion

Regular warehouse maintenance not only improves safety and productivity but also ensures that your products do not suffer accidental damage. 

Let us show you one example of the maintenance of the climate control system inside the warehouse. When working properly, it makes sure that you will maintain product quality and adhere to temperature requirements for USDA commodities. 

There is the fact that proactive maintenance is an indispensable part of a successful warehouse operation. 

Usual warehouse challenges

Although some processes in many businesses are automated and seem error-free, every warehouse operation is prone to mistakes and challenges. These problems can affect the speed, efficiency, and productivity of either one particular warehouse operation or the entire chain of processes that are linked with it. 

Let’s figure it out and deal with it by our great suggestion: 

1. Messy warehouse layout

Many businesses are struggling with finding enough storage because ineffective use of space is still a common pain point in warehouses. 

In case of that, you can put together an optimal warehouse layout to solve this problem. This means taking advantage of floor space and vertical space while leaving enough room for warehouse employees to pass through. It also includes looking into ways that use automation and equipment to reduce labor and labor costs, improve the accessibility of products in the warehouse, and ensuring that inventory is stored safely. 

2. Finding the right time for maintenance

It’s not easy for you to carry out maintenance work if the place is swarming with workers and buzzing with activity 24/7, especially at distribution centers. 

One way to solve this timing problem is to divide the warehouse into different blocks. Each block is under maintenance on a separate day, hopefully when it’s set to experience the least amount of traffic.

3. Poor damage control 

Damage is, unfortunately, a common issue in warehouses. It’s really complicated to avoid damage, the best is working on ways to reduce it. 

Make sure that your pathways are well hit and wide enough to comfortably move around products and install protective gear like pallet rack protectors at the same time. These measures will help you protect your employees and reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.

Make sure your pathways are wide enough to move products
Make sure your pathways are wide enough to move products

Warehousing best practices 

1. Have a maintenance plan

Certain parts of warehouse equipment, such as hydraulic filters, mechanic seals,etc, have an operational lifespan beyond which they have to be replaced or renewed so as to keep the equipment functioning properly. 

The more machinery you have, the harder it is to keep them in good condition over time. 

That’s why it’s necessary to create a maintenance plan to monitor and service your equipment regularly. 

2. Health and Safety

A focus on the safety of your employees, the security of goods, and the reduction of downtime owing to injury or illness can improve your productivity and efficiency. 

Assess the layout of your warehouse to improve the layout, accessibility, and inspection so that you will improve your productivity while reducing any work-related accidents, mishaps and damage to goods. 

3. Minimizing touches 

If you reduce the number of times that stock must be extracted and packed into different containers or areas, you will be able to save your time for inbound or outbound orders. 

More direct processes will streamline your operations and improve your bottom line. As a result, your manufacturer can promote customer satisfaction through speedy order fulfillment. 

Store your good at the right temperature is a way
Store your good at the right temperature is a way

Need some tips? We’re here to help

Are you struggling to have a maintenance warehouse in your business? Follow our tips above to see some incredible changes. 

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