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What is The Role of Facility Management in Education Sectors?

When it comes to education, the role of facility management is to keep the building in good condition and to meet the needs of those who use it. Any school or campus that wishes to provide a high-quality education to its students must provide adequate school facilities, resources, and maintenance services that will, in fact, contribute to a more effective learning environment for their users.

Education Facilities (Source: internet)
Education Facilities (Source: internet)

Why Education Sector Needs Facility Management?

Facility management professionals have a role to play in giving schools and colleges the tools they need to operate their facilities efficiently and effectively. As a facility manager, you must meet the needs of students, staff, and visitors by maintaining the buildings and exceeding their high expectations of the services you provide. Students and parents nowadays have high expectations of the educational system, the learning environment, and the educational facilities. The following are suggestions for a comprehensive assessment of facilities in schools, universities, and educational institutions to determine areas of need.

What Role Facility Management is playing in the Education Sector?

An education property may contain a complex of different buildings serving different purposes. Here are 2 main responsibilities that facilities management plays in an education property: 

Organize school facilities and utilize multi-facilities space

The school and university space are important components of the educational facility. The educational institution provided a variety of school programs and extra-curricular activities. Space for study, sports training, experimentation, social gatherings, and other activities, as well as space for offices, meeting rooms, and teaching classrooms and other specialized-designed rooms for hands-on activities so that they can apply their knowledge by conducting experiments in laboratories or other spaces. 

Furthermore, there are multipurpose facilities, which are provided not only for student academics but also for members of the surrounding community, particularly after school hours, when they can access and use the school facility areas. For example, school physical training spaces and sporting facilities were used by teachers and students or hired by other people. 

Building owners invest in high-quality furniture, equipment, and functional spaces to reinforce the value of learning while saving money in the long run. Facilities managers are responsible for organizing those facilities to ensure every work runs smoothly and optimize the capacities of all the facilities.

School Sporting facilities (Source: Internet)
School Sporting facilities (Source: Internet)

Schedule Facility maintenance

Sometimes educational administration lacks the knowledge and know-how to manage the facilities properly and overlooks their maintenance requirements. Repairs are only made on an ad hoc and emergency basis, such as when the building's systems fail to function properly. The facility management's goals are to provide a safe and clean environment conducive to learning and teaching. 

Education institutional managers must plan for facility management that caters to the facility needs in schools or campuses. These are some different categories of maintaining the education facilities:

Emergency maintenance

Popularly, the reasons for emergency maintenance are disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, floods, etc, or unexpected accidents such as fire outbreaks, shootings, etc. Those situations may cause severe damage; some institutional facilities fail and require immediate repairs to resolve the issue. The learning environment and teaching process would be disrupted and delayed until the damage was repaired completely.

The damages will significantly and negatively impact the institutions' reputation, core values, financials, and campus population. In those cases, facilities managers should know where and who to call for help. Also, they are responsible for arranging emergency services, electrical, gas, and water services and so on to ensure the educational campus population's safety and health.

School damaged by a tornado (source: Internet)
School damaged by a tornado (source: Internet)

Periodical Maintenance

This is scheduled comprehensive maintenance that must be performed on a regular basis, such as daily, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. To avoid equipment and facility breakdown, the school administration should adhere to the schedule on a regular basis. 

The following are some examples of pre-planned routine maintenance:

  • Cleaning duties should be performed on a daily basis throughout the school facilities by the cleaners.
  • Grounds care or gardeners manage the cleaning, collection of leaves, drain cleaning, and landscaping upkeep of the institutions' lawns and hedges.
  • Maintenance workers perform regular maintenance inspections, repair broken furniture, equipment, or damaged doors, and even repaint buildings, among other things.
  • Professional security personnel is hired to patrol the campus on a regular basis to prevent vandalism of the institutions' assets, protect students from various hazards or gang fights, and conduct random security checks to keep prohibited items and unauthorized people out of the premises.
Periodical school maintenance (Source: Internet)
Periodical school maintenance (Source: Internet)

Predictive Maintenance

There is predictive maintenance in addition to the maintenance that occurs immediately after each occurrence of an emergency and the pre-planned regular maintenance. This type of troubleshooting maintenance system is based on studying forecasting techniques and analyzing the building maintenance system's pre-emptive behavior. Data from maintenance services are collected and statistically analyzed to provide comprehensive forecasting and event prediction under a specific set of permutations and combinations.

Predictive maintenance (Source: Internet)
Predictive maintenance (Source: Internet)

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Maintain your Education facilities with qualified services

The models for facility management services have evolved over time. Historically, campuses and schools would directly hire employees for catering, cleaning, gardening, and even qualified personnel who provide specialized services such as equipment maintenance, plumbing, and air-conditioner maintenance on a continuous basis. Nowadays, facility management has shifted from in-house services rendered by in-house experts to just-in-time outsourcing of professional facilities services. A multi-services approach is required by educational institutions, which is now considered cost-effective and trending. Multi-services refers to a single person managing all service providers, from boiler repairs to classroom equipment and painting.

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